Event digest for HR-specialists in IT in December 2018

    Here we go to the finish line in 2018! Ahead of us are waiting for pleasant chores, debriefing, a series of incendiary corporate parties and fun family gatherings. Our December digest will help you to register for the latest online courses, trainings, trainings and webinars this year. Not many events are planned for this month, but they are worth it for you to postpone the preparations for the holidays and find time in your schedule.

    Stay tuned for post updates, event announcements for the second half of the month will be added later.

    SMM for HR (training)

    When: December 4, 10:00
    Where: Moscow, venue to be determined
    Conditions of participation: 7,000 rubles
    Organizer: “Valuable experience”

    Training program:

    • How to use social networks to promote the HR-brand;
    • Portraits of social networks;
    • Brand positioning;
    • Are separate employer communities needed?
    • What features have a specialized group;
    • How to name the community;
    • What is the target audience and how to find it;
    • How to measure the effectiveness of SMM;
    • Copywriting in social media;
    • Selling design pages of the employer;
    • Traffic sources;
    • Content - types, formats, chips;
    • Work with a negative;
    • Buying advertising.

    Details and registration

    Targeted training instead of regular recruitment (round table)

    When: December 4, 18:00
    Where: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, Tower A
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: Spice It Recruitment

    The main topic of the round table is what problems can be solved by replacing the recruitment with training future employees for specific tasks . Also on successful cases will be considered:

    • In what situations can target training be used?
    • How much money will it save the employer?
    • What is the optimal training format?

    Details and registration

    MarHR 2018: briefly about the main thing (mitap)

    When: December 5, 18:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Butyrskaya, d. 46
    Conditions of participation: 3 000 rubles
    Organizer: MarHR

    Topics and speakers:

    • What do they say marchary - Alina Michel, MarHR;
    • Creative chips in the selection! Or “for the rep-hop-hey-lalley from the heart!” - Natalya Abrashitova, DEMIS GROUP;
    • Involvement as a decision-making method - Elena Lensu, Pravo.ru;
    • You have 1.5 minutes to tell you why I need to come to you to work - Nina Nesterenko, Avito;
    • Each of us - live the main role! Or videos on the tutushny - Anna Nosova, Tutu.ru;
    • Each of us - live the main role! Or videos on tutushnomu - Nina Utkina, Tutu.ru;
    • School of Performance Marketing for young professionals - Andrey Budayev, Adventum;
    • Internal marketing in adapting newbies through gamification - Maria Mironova, Zamania;
    • Chat bots in adaptation - Sofia Krylova, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Russia;
    • What if you are cool, but no one knows about it yet? - Polina Rusakova, BestDoctor.

    Details and registration

    HR digital manager: search and search online (online course)

    When: beginning December 5, 18:00
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 10 000 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    Course program:

    Block 1: Search

    • Social media audience analysis tools.
    • Survey of social networks, thematic sites, forums, blogs.
    • Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Linkedin + additional services.

    2 block: Content

    • Letters to unfamiliar candidates in social networks.
    • Vacancy for social networks.
    • Communities in social networks: the main components, the principle of operation, the difference between groups and pages.
    • Tools to attract and involve candidates in the community.
    • Content for groups and pages in social networks: creation and design.
    • Effective content plan.

    Block 3: Advertising

    • Setting up targeted advertising in social networks.

    Details and registration

    Active search for IT professionals (webinar)

    When: December 6, 15:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: My Circle

    Webinar program:

    Part I. Searching for a specialist in IT communities

    • IT candidate market: market size, features of hiring developers
    • Overview of IT Communities: Where Candidates Hang Out and What They Do There
    • Ways to find specialists on Habré, Toaster and My Circle
    • How to contact the candidate?

    Part II. Evaluated by GitHub specialists, without reading the code

    • Rate on Github: Is it possible and necessary?
    • What if there is no Github?
    • Do I need to read someone else's code? Obviously: no
    • What are clear metrics for evaluating specialists on indirect grounds?
    • What are the tools to automate the process?
    • How to present information hiring timlidu?
    • Where to grow further?

    Details and registration

    Programming for recruiters (online course)

    When: beginning December 10
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: 35 000 rubles
    Organizer: Wondersourcing

    Learn Python programming and automate your work in recruitment.

    The course program:

    Block 1. Introduction to programming.

    • The study and consolidation of theoretical knowledge of programming

    Block 2. The practice of programming.

    • Create your own chat bot, parser and website.

    Details and registration

    Geek Hunter (online course)

    When: beginning December 10, 19:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: 8 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Program and speakers:

    • Block 1: Technical stack - Eugene Povalishin, Freelance platform Founder;
    • Block 2: Active search for candidates - Svetlana Petrovicheva, founder of Get IT and IT Recruiter school;
    • Block 3: Interview and evaluation of IT-specialist - Maxim Kuznetsov, Mail.Ru Group;
    • Block 4: How to work with complex customers? - Elena Fedenkova, HRD Youdo;
    • Block 5: Digital technology in IT-recruitment - Speaker is being clarified
    • Block 6: Productive Sourcing - Dmitry Dolidze, Sourcing Lead at Microsoft.

    Details and registration

    Fakap HR Night St. Petersburg (mitap)

    When: St. Petersburg, nab. Obvodnogo kanala , d. 199
    Participation conditions: free of charge
    Organizer: SkyEng

    Discussion show about unsuccessful experience in work or projects in the field of personnel management.

    Topics and speakers:

    • Damned place, or how to close a vacant place in a team - Alexey Kutashev, head of sales group Skyeng
    • Toxic employee - Mila Protasenko, head of talent development department Yandex.Money
    • Find out from the Chief about the most important thing at the start - Oksana Shishkina, Director of Human Resources of the 220 Volt Group of Companies
    • Harmful training - Tatiana Andreeva, personnel assessment specialist, analyst at SPB TRAINING

    Special guest is Natalya Lezhneva, curator in the direction of the KDP and the outsourcing staff of Food Retail Group.

    Details and registration

    System Recruitment (online course)

    When: beginning December 11, 19:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: 17 500 rubles
    Organizer: LABA Course


    • Recruitment strategies;
    • Headhunting & Direct Search;
    • Referral programs;
    • Search in social networks;
    • Job search sites and work with active candidates;
    • Employer brand;
    • Evaluation of the applicant;
    • Check references and job offer;
    • Recruiting tools.

    The course is conducted by Oksana Ognevaya, Head of Talent Acquisition, Jooble. Oksana has 14 years in the field of recruitment, 3 years in IT recruitment and among clients such companies as Nestle, Henkel, Praktiker, Intesa Sanpaolo, Renaissance Capital.

    Details and registration

    Final Index Meetup 2018 (mitap)

    When: December 14, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Solzhenitsyn, 23 A, p. 1
    Participation conditions: free of charge
    Organizer: INDEX The

    organizers hold the last pre-holiday rally in the traditional format, however, this time the stage and the microphone will be completely at the guests ’disposal. Tell us about what you managed to do on your own, with the help of colleagues or communities, the whole family, acquaintances, 6 handshakes this year.

    The most exciting and incredible success stories will be awarded with prizes!

    Details and registration

    Friendly HR-meetup (mitap)

    When: December 19, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, Lubyansky pr., 19, p. 1
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: FriendWork

    The meeting will be devoted to HR trends in 2019, the use of marketing tools in recruitment and automation of recruiting.

    Topics and speakers:

    • Recruitment marketing: the main trends of 2019 - Evgenia Andrianova, Kelly Services;
    • Automation of staff recruitment with FriendWork: use the functionality to the maximum - Alexander Krass, FriendWork;
    • How to save 38% of the time of recruiters through the use of FriendWork (case of the Alcohol Siberian Group) - Anastasia Popova, consultant, recruiter;
    • Trends in building an effective candidate profile - Inna Mozhaisk, Mozhaisk Executive;
    • As the use of FriendWork hotkeys allowed to hire X times more people for less money - Semen Morgunov, Skyeng.

    Also you will find an informal New Year's atmosphere, dating, champagne, a buffet table, tangerines and New Year's gifts.

    Details and registration

    New Year Party from Moscow IT HR Community (mitap)

    When: December 19, 19:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Pokrovka, 21-23 / 25, p. 1
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: Spice IT Recruitment

    New Year's party for the participants of the Moscow IT HR Community, friends of Spice IT, and all those involved in the industry.

    Details and registration

    About event organizers:

    • "Valuable experience" - training center.
    • FriendWork is an online service for recruiting automation.
    • HR Digital School - online training for HR and recruiters.
    • INDEX is a recruiting agency that specializes in finding IT professionals.
    • IT Recruiter School is an IT recruiting school.
    • LABA is an international educational platform.
    • MarHR is a project dedicated to HR marketing.
    • OTUS is a high-tech educational startup.
    • SkyEng is an interactive online English learning school.
    • Spice IT Recruitment - IT-specialized recruitment agency.
    • Wondersourcing is a service for IT companies and recruitment agencies that regularly hire IT specialists.

    If in our digest you did not find any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT, which will be held in December, please add them in the comments!

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