Flaws in the Fallout 76 quests allowed players to arrange a nuclear hell

    On the shortcomings of Fallout 76, many game publications are now writing, and news was published on Habré. Despite an interesting idea - to give a post-apocalyptic multiplayer game, the implementation of the idea was not the most successful. Many flaws led to the fact that the players began to demand their money back, and the game itself is already being sold at a discount.

    It makes no sense to write about all the problems, but one of them should be indicated, since it is connected with the synchronous actions of the players and the insufficient protection of quests in quests. This made it possible for the participants in the game to arrange a nuclear hell in Fallout 76. In some cases, it is even possible to “drop” the server, so much load the game data centers experience during the launch of the missiles.

    There are three places where there are missiles, all of them are located in West Virginia, or rather, what remains of this state. Warheads can be used to erase everything and everyone from the face of the earth. In general, such an opportunity was provided for experienced players, the developers believed that a nuclear missile could only be launched in exceptional cases, for which it was necessary to act synchronously.

    As it turned out, the creators of Fallout 76 miscalculated in this - the first warhead was launched already during the beta tests of the game world. After the release, the missiles began to fly almost immediately - once three warheads were launched at once, which led to the server crash.

    It is worth noting that the use of nuclear weapons in the game is not so difficult. To do this, gamers need only launch codes that have all sorts of mobs. Codes are protected by cryptograms that are too simple. This allowed players to trick the system in order to launch multiple warheads simultaneously.

    The structure of random letters that make up a cryptogram only seems complicated, in fact it is a simple combination of substitution and permutation encryption.

    In order to get through to the terminal, which allows you to launch a rocket, you must go through the dungeon (where there are a lot of enemies) and enter the eight-digit code into the terminal, and then select the target. Collecting codes is not so easy, the algorithm for collecting them changes every week. It all starts with monsters scattered around the map in random order. They keep a part of the code - it is always a letter and a number like l7, k9, f6, etc. Part of the code fits into the complete combination, which, in turn, can only be used in one of the three terminals.

    It is possible to collect code elements, but it is quite long, the whole process is complicated. Nevertheless, gamers have made it easier for themselves by creating a number of tools to automate the process. Most of the time it takes to get a keyword, but the user Reddit has created a program that generates a list of possible combinations based on the code letters already found. The generator allows you to reduce the time required to search.

    Players can enter probable codes at the launch terminal until it turns out that one of the words is correct, after which the nuclear charge is activated and the rocket is launched. As mentioned above, each code is suitable for only one terminal. The code is relevant for a week, after which they change. On the Internet there is a list of code words that have already been used .

    By the way, in the real world, in particular, in the USA, the launch of a nuclear warhead is possible only if at least 4 officers from 10 officers who hold the key simultaneously turn their keys. In this case, the activation mechanism will start.

    In Fallout 76, of course, everything is much simpler. Unfortunately, the game is full of problems, as mentioned above. So, after the release, it turned out that the character’s speed depends on the player’s iron power - this bug was quickly closed, but nonetheless. In addition, there are no computer-controlled characters, the quality of quests is not very high. Worst of all, the game uses the Creation Engine, which is not adapted for multiplayer.

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