&? Trim? Heisenberg? No, have not heard


    If you, dear reader, are a hired employee, then recently your employer has been obliged to submit a report every month to you to the Pension Fund called SZV-M.

    This abbreviation is deciphered as “a list of insured persons, monthly” and is a list of persons with whom an employment relationship has been established with the organization.

    Why is this needed? Well, according to Putin V.V., there are " too many accountants " in our country , so we made another monthly report.

    The measure has been discussed in Russia for more than ten years: it is believed that due to the strong differences in the two types of accounting, there are too many accountants in the country (there are three million accountants in Russia, which is 2.5 times more than in the USA).

    If you wonder why you need it, this report, then the answer will be quite ridiculous. This is necessary in order not to index the pension for working pensioners. Yes, that’s exactly so: in the current oil realities, and also taking into account the fact that the Pension Fund’s budget consists of about half of direct subsidies, this is not beneficial.

    In general, they wanted to completely abolish pensioners who worked at first, but then you yourself understand that the elections, all things, therefore have left.

    In short, we made another monthly report, hung it on enterprises, accountants (of whom there are too many) cursed, but continued to eat this your cactus.

    It would seem, where does trim? &?


    Anyone who has mastered reading at least Wikipedia on the topic of XML knows that if you try to do like this, it will not be very good:

    Therefore, you came up with the following:

    That is, the character & essentially became an escape character. And if I want to put & somewhere, then I need to write &

    And then suddenly there is an organization whose name contains this symbol. Do you think this report is being passed to the PF? No, we get an error.


    The excellent report of SZV-M to the Pension Fund is inherently simple. You need to give a list of people who work. In this case, it is necessary to indicate their SNILS (this is a unique number for each), as well as a full name (it is completely unclear why).

    And the name is uploaded in the file like this:

    Well, in the above example, the data on Dmitry Anatolyevich will be successfully downloaded, but according to Igor Ivanovich there will be an error.

    Yes, the developers at the Pension Fund have not heard about Trim. Never.

    And the problem is that if you open this gap if you open it in Internet Explorer (which is the default peeper), it will never work.

    Uncertainty principle

    Well, as a dessert, let's talk about how this report is submitted and how it is accepted. Heisenberg? Do not make me laugh.

    So, here you have sent a report, and forgot to overcome the gaps. In Russia, the legislator generally rarely worries about such cases; in the law, it is either all good or all bad, but life is more complicated. Therefore, the options are as follows:

    1. You receive a positive protocol, however, in the attached text file, the Pension Fund asks you to submit this form marked “complementary” not for everyone, but only for those people for whom there were gaps. You are not obliged to surrender anything additionally, actually, however the Pension Fund will not lag behind you.

    2. You receive a negative protocol, however, in the attached text file, the Pension Fund asks to submit this form with the mark “supplementing” not for everyone, but only for those people for whom there were gaps. You must submit this form, otherwise there will be a fine.

    The fun is that the same Pension Fund in the same cases can issue both a positive and a negative protocol. Elementary particles nervously smoke.

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