The wonders of crowd marketing, or how to promote business reviews

    “Advertising blindness” - this phenomenon has become very characteristic of the Russian Internet. Users are so tired of the abundance of offers that they stop paying attention to banner ads and images. Personal recommendations - advice from friends and colleagues, the experience of other buyers of goods, feedback from service users, acquire higher value . Therefore, the marketer necessarily pays attention to such a field as social networks, blogs and forums, as well as comments and reviews on thematic resources. Product promotion on these sites often becomes the most effective advertising strategy.
    How to correctly use crowd-marketing and not go to the side of spam will learn from our new article.

    Crowd marketing: what is it

    The key concept here is the English word "crowd" (crowd) - the crowd. That is, crowd marketing is related to the study of the actions of the crowd and participation in this action. In fact, the essence of crowd marketing is that information about a product or service is placed on platforms where communication takes place within the target audience. Such sites are: forums, social networks, blogs, otzoviki sites, message boards, response services (for example, “Answers on”), comments and reviews on the websites of the customer and its competitors.

    Crowd Marketing Tasks

    • increase resource attendance;
    • getting targeted traffic;
    • brand or company promotion;
    • Creation of the desired image of a brand or company with the target audience by combining them with obtaining benefits or benefits;
    • growth of a site rating at search engines due to the presence of an active link on a third-party resource and traffic from it;
    • the ability to promote a resource on general and informational requests ("how", "where", "review", etc.);
    • control of brand and company reviews.

    Thus, crowd marketing allows you to solve both marketing and SEO tasks of resource promotion and becomes a reliable tool for the correction of an advertising campaign.

    Crowd marketing features

    • Reality . For each campaign, profiles and accounts of real people are required that are not of an obvious commercial nature. It is not desirable that the pages with personal data and contacts contain information about the company's activities or advertising of the brand being promoted.image
    • Labor input . The selection of sites for placement requires a close analysis of the target audience, which is better to entrust a professional. Publications at the sites also require constant work, so that profile activity is natural, and left questions or comments do not remain unanswered. All work on the crowd campaign is done only manually.
    • The danger of a ban . Unfortunately, the line between real activity and spam on sites such as social networks or forums is very thin. You can get carried away and turn into a spammer that will not only adversely affect the brand image, but may also lead to a ban on the part of search engines.image
    • Not versatility . There are a number of areas of business for which crowd marketing will not be an effective advertising tool. These are, first of all, manufacturers of exclusive or luxury goods, companies of one-time or emergency services, sellers of consumer goods and products.

    Obviously, crowd marketing is not an easy advertising strategy. To start a crowd campaign it is recommended to turn to professionals. Only experienced specialists will be able to competently analyze the target audience, select sites and place organic reviews on them, without allowing your resource to get into the list of unreliable.

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