Windows and SSH. Continuation

I recently decided to dig deeper into the Insider Preview of Windows 10 (10.0.14393.3) about how the Bash subsystem works there and remembered the kekekeks publication “Microsoft SSH Support for Windows” . And out of sheer curiosity, I drove “ssh localhost” into the Bash console and was slightly surprised that he suggested saving the key.

At first I thought that the Linux subsystem brought something new with it, but no - the components appeared in the latest OS update:

Now, in order to connect via SSH to a Windows 10 computer, you need to add “Computer Management” - “User Groups” through user to the "SSH Users" group . Only users in English are supported (at least I did not manage to log in with a user in Russian).

When connected, the standard Windows command line interface opens (it is very strange that it is not PowerShell, it would be much better).

From bugs so far

1. The output of whoami and some others is not shown ;
2. Command execution is not interrupted by CTRL + C ;
3. PowerShell does not work.

* SCP did not check operation. If it’s not difficult for anyone ... And suddenly you will find where and how keys are stored.

If you find something else - let me know, I’ll supplement it.

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