Features of installing and updating 3CX v15

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After the release of the new version of 3CX Phone System, we received many questions related to the installation, testing or updating of existing systems. We have prepared a review article in which we explain how best to act in a given situation.

In 3CX v15, we greatly simplified the installation process and improved server security. 3CX can now create and maintain the FQDN of your server name, as well as generate and renew a free trusted SSL security certificate.
However, so that the installation process does not cause difficulties, it is necessary to take into account a number of features of the new version:

  • Testing or Demonstration v15
  • Backup recovery
  • Convert test version v15 to commercial
  • Upgrading an existing installation to v15
  • Rules for Successful Updates

Consider these features in more detail.

The basic principle: if you decide to use the FQDN name created by 3CX for you, the license key of your installation v15 is bound to the server FQDN of your choice.

Testing or Demonstration v15

Fill out the form with a valid e-mail address and you will receive a free license key 3CX PBX Edition. If you want to know about the features of the free 3CX edition, see the comparison of the editions .
For an initial 3CX evaluation, use only the free 3CX PBX Edition key . Do not use your affiliate NFR or purchased commercial key!
During installation, you will be asked to specify the subdomain that will form the FQDN of the 3CX server. Choose a test subdomain. Do not indicate your main subdomain, which you will use in the future! Use your primary subdomain with a commercial key only after testing is complete. For example, if your company is calledabclimited , use the abclimitedtest subdomain for testing . Now, if you purchase a commercial key, you can use your main subdomain abclimited with it .
However, there is one exception - if you plan to buy a license after testing, you can upgrade your existing free key by saving the domain name. For example, you started testing on a free key by specifying the main subdomain abclimited . After testing, you decided to purchase the system. Then you just need to upgrade your free key to a commercial one. The subdomain will remain the same.

Backup recovery

If you installed 3CX v15 with any license key, do not restore the configuration from a backup with a different key! The exception, as mentioned above, is that you upgrade your free key to a commercial one.
If you restore v15 backup with a different key, there will be problems with the FQDN name and video conferencing. Changing the license key or SSL certificate requires a complete reinstallation of the 3CX server.

Convert test version to commercial

If you tested the system and decided to switch to the commercial version, then the most correct way is to purchase an upgrade for the free 3CX PBX Edition key.

  • The end user of the system must inform the 3CX partner of their free upgrade key. At the same time, as was said, the FQDN of the 3CX server can not be changed.
  • A 3CX partner must order a new product key only if the end user has not previously tested and does not have a free key. When ordering a commercial license, the partner must specify whether the user has a free product key and upgrade this key.

Upgrading an existing installation to v15

If you want to upgrade an existing previous version to 3CX v15, use your existing license key.

  • If you use your own domain name, use your own trusted SSL certificate (as it was in v14). You can import it at the installation stage. Important: 3CX v15 only works with trusted, not self-signed, certificates!
  • If you want to use the FQDN name and SSL certificate from 3CX, indicate your main subdomain, for example, company name ( abclimited ). The rest of the domain name (3cx.eu, 3cx.ru, etc.) you can choose from the offered options. Your FQDN of the form abclimited.3cx.eu will be assigned to you and maintained for you, provided that you renew your subscription to 3CX Maintenance updates.

Rules for Successful Updates

Before upgrading 3CX to v15, first of all, make sure that you have an active subscription to updates. After that, proceed as follows:

  1. Install all available Windows updates. This may take some time and slow down the transition to the new version of 3CX, so it is advisable to upgrade the system in advance.
  2. Back up the current version.
  3. Uninstall the current version of 3CX.
  4. Download and run the 3CX v15 installation file.
  5. The 3CX PBX Configuration tool wizard opens, prompting you to specify the location of the backup. Specify the path and file name of the backup file. The backup contains the system license key, which will be used to activate v15.
  6. Then it will be offered to specify the FQDN of the server. If you use your own FQDN, you will be prompted to import your own trusted SSL certificate. If you decide to use the 3QX FQDN, use your main working subdomain. Your license key will be tied to the selected FQDN.

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