DEV Labs 2018. Online MAP for web developers. December 1st

testWe invite you to another open online soft labs rally series, which this time will be devoted to web development. Mitap will be held on Saturday, December 1, from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm Moscow time.

Within the framework of a five-hour online session: let's look at what problems JHipster can solve and to whom it can be useful, generate and launch a simple project with it; learn how to intercept page turning and sorting events using MatTable ; We learn what JWT tokens are and how JWT authorization works.

More information about the program:

testVyacheslav Lapin will tell what problems JHipster solves - for what and to whom it may be needed. During the presentation, you will be shown how to install and configure JHipster; a simple project will be generated and launched, its structure, additional tools and much more will be considered.

testVladimir Sonkin will talk about modern JWT authorization for web applications. We learn what JWT tokens are and see how it works on different clients and servers (Spring Security, NodeJS, React, Angular).

testAndrey Semenyuk will share his experience with large amounts of data in Angular. During the report, we will learn to intercept page turning and sorting events using MatTable, for subsequent loading of data in small portions.

All events of the series are held on the platform. To participate in the mitap and access to the videos you need to register . Participation is free. Limited number of seats.

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