Once again about the advantages of "mobile slavery"

We release the genie from the bottle

I deliberately covered the name of my favorite mobile operator. Everyone will easily present their own. And I think that is unlikely to make a mistake.

There is a saying: chasing two hares, you will not catch a single one. But I’m probably naturally greedy, I couldn’t reconcile myself with the fact that it’s impossible to catch two birds with one stone, and therefore I thought of a way to merge two birds with one stone. Too it is not so difficult to catch one hare. But since this my hare consists of two, the body is sewn of two parts, and the seam itself is striking. In appearance, my hare is stupid, and nothing can be done about it. However, if you cut it along the seam, then each half as a separate hare could successfully have an independent walk. Thus, my combined hare can be used twice. For example, when changing a mobile operator. Still worse than when chasing two hares, will not. So, intending, according to a proverb, to knock down two birds with one stone, I present the front part of my compound hare to lovers of fierce heyting, and the back part to lovers of freebies. (c) Kobo Abe. Totaloscope.

This introduction, in my opinion at an opportune time, comes to the topic of mobile operators. And while you finish your morning coffee, I will try to dilute it with the aroma of the morning press and the first half of my hare.

In each of us sits a different size "mean". Everyone whispers in his ear that the terms of deception, underweight! Someone believes him, someone does not. Someone even uses his advice when conscience and other human qualities allow it.

But there are cases of glaring injustice, which can not be tolerated. But perhaps everything is in order.

The first story. Internet mobile

Some time ago I decided to connect the mobile Internet. I did not need much. Map to see, Skype to read. Let's say 500MB per month would be more than enough. After looking at the tariffs of "my operator" and surprised at their greed, I thought, well, ok. Mobile Internet. Probably worth it. And sorry. In the first hour of use regretted. Accidentally sticking into the “wrong banner” I was delighted with a paid subscription. Without a declaration of war, SMS was written about the cancellation. Not long discussions with technical support of "my operator" quickly put everything in its place. It turned out that I'm a fool and do not need to poke. No need to poke at all! And it is a blessing that I have at least a text message. Oh well. The service has been canceled. I did not use the mobile Internet anymore. Thus, “my operator”, let's say, forbade me to spend more money on its services. And I resigned.

The second story. From "for the time being" free services.

Having accumulated experience of communication with various operators. I made it a rule to go in every month and turn off all newly appeared services in my account. I went steadily once a month. And every time something new appeared there. Disable. A month later we repeat. And so in a circle. Some immediately managed to turn off. Some just call, there were those that are written statement. There were also ninja services, which, as it were, were not, but in the details they were charged for money.

That's what these new megakly services are for? For my convenience? System bug? Other? I did not find the answer in technical support or in forums. Well. Another minor inconvenience.

The third story. Spam

ABOUT! a lot of spam. Official. Third-rate. Profusely smelling. With rotten. Everything we love! It is this opinion of us operators.

Then the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that tomorrow it will be 5 degrees cooler than today. That "my favorite operator" will offer to participate in the next superlohotron. That regular store PR.

Oh, if only the subscriber once again touched the miracle of technology! And then you look and make a call, relatives abroad.

Banil numbers, unsubscribed from the services, included some options with a refusal. This is all useless! Spam climbs out of all the cracks, more than cockroaches.


They say there are two types of people. In some, trust must be earned, while others give trust in advance. It so happened that I give confidence in advance, and gradually diminish it when conflicts arise. And so, at one point, “my operator” crossed the line of negative balance. After that, with a pure heart and good intentions, I went to Tele2. He promised the absence of all the above inconveniences, a bag of internet and a cart of mobile conversations. And all this at a reasonable price in some 150 rubles. It suits me more at the moment. Let the cover is not continuous, let the connection be not so megastable. But with this I am ready to put up.

Well, it's done

Black label sent. I initiated the transfer of my number to another operator. And it was at this moment that “my operator” stepped over another negative. And in my eyes rapidly began to lose his face. Straight into the mud! Yes, with all the blunder.

A day after the transition is initialized, the bot is turned on, with client retention algorithms. And then began the fun with the game to increase.

A day after the initialization of the transfer procedure, the first offer arrived with an offer to use the services of “You Know Who” for free for three months.

Hm great - I thought, but why haven't all these 15 years of such lucrative offers come to me, and even tiny gifts or banal apologies for some obvious jambs. And everything that they offered looked like another innocent way to cut the dough off of me.

The next day it became even more offensive. Send the second day of the transition procedure and I flew even more "profitable" offer.

After all, everyone knows that no one will work in the negative! And even mega - corporations. And even in the most exceptional situations. And it turns out that I overpaid at least 50% for their services.

A few days later, the young lady called and in a languid, offended voice began interrogation about the reasons for the transition. Honestly, I am not a fan of negotiations. Everything has long been stated in technical support chat rooms, where he sent the young lady to read messages. It is clear that she will not receive her bonus. I frankly pity her.

Finally, it became clear to me why the subscriber transfer period was at least a week. This is in our digital age. Probably emails from one operator to another go through the Russian post. Then it is quite normal. But really no! This is the time to test the client in order to offer the best rate, more profitable to the operator.

Well, what about the sentences? Everything? Is this a threshold? Not! It was even more interesting. 50% for life! Well, or until next summer. It depends on how to interpret the conditions of the action.

And this is not the limit. The closer the cherished date, the more interesting the offers. And how far are you ready to go in search of the second half of the hare?

What conclusions can be drawn?

  • If you are not satisfied with the conditions - feel free to do this, feel free to go to another operator! Vote ruble.
  • If you are satisfied with your operator - bluff! Initiate the transition and beat yourself preferences.
  • Social hacking is beautiful.
  • After reading the comments, you can say that everyone knows about the current situation, but most are willing to put up with it.

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