Website "Escher II" in the nomination "National Internet Project" Runet Prize 2018

    My name is Philip Kulin. I am the author of the channel , where I talk about Internet blocking in Russia, and the creator of the site , the same one with the schedules of IP addresses and the Morse code DIGITALRESISTANCE in May .


    I want to become the first beauty on the Runet Prize 2018 in the nomination "People's Internet project."

    Why is my site? In the maelstrom of events related to the Telegram blocking, Escher II turned out to be the main and only resonant resource keeping the Runet from complete madness. Everyone was shy, afraid, lazy, and I had the knowledge, arrogance, friends and good luck. And now, Escher II is one of the few bastions that stand in the way of Internet blockages in Russia.

    Why do I need it? The Runet Prize is an influence where I currently have none at all. Influence among the leaders of public opinion in a narrow elite get-together.

    It is required to enter the site of the National Voting of the Runet Award 2018 , find the “Escher II” project there and vote. Voting takes place without registration and filling out forms. You can vote every day.


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