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The first part of the article "5 best games on the PC for learning English" went very well, and in the comments the readers sent us a bunch of decent games with which you can pump your English.

We were not aware of some of them, so thank you. During this time we managed to try them and analyze how they affect the learning of the language. So meet 7 more cool games that are great for practicing English.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

We emphasize right away that the entire TES series is great for improving English. The game pays a lot of attention to communicating with the NPC - social interaction is an important element of character wagering. The player can communicate with almost any neutral NPC, and many of them give quests that encourage more communication.

But separately, we would like to emphasize Morrowind, the third part of the series. According to the developers, there are more than 3000 non-player characters in the game, which the main character can talk to.

In game dialogues, there are more than 700,000 words. And no, we did not consider it ourselves - infa, too, from the developers.

This means that the player will spend at least 60 hours only on reading all the dialogs (with an average reading speed of 200 words per minute).

The most remarkable thing about Morrowind for a person who teaches English is the dialogue system. It is almost entirely text based.

On the right, the hero sees the main topics of conversation with the NPS. On the left - the text of the dialogue, where blue indicates related topics on which the character can give information.

There is really a lot of text. And in order to understand most of the quests, you really have to read it. In order to comfortably play Morrowind, the language level should not be lower than Intermediate, and better - Upper-Intermediate.

To the moon

Incredibly touching game that conquers with its plot and musical accompaniment.

We will not talk about the plot in this article, but the game is really worth it to go through. And do not be afraid of pixel graphics and simple gameplay like a penny.

Dialogues in the game are quite small - but they play an extremely important role for understanding the plot. The story goes slowly, so the player has the opportunity to think about the remarks of the characters. In general, the language is quite simple - a student with an Intermediate English level will easily understand it. But sometimes you have to look in the dictionary, because there are slang words.

We sincerely recommend the game. This is one of those masterpieces that every self-respecting gamer needs to go through.

Excellent review that demonstrates the gameplay and features of the game. As you can see, the phrases of the dialogues are short, they fit into one or two sentences. The vocabulary is quite simple, so there should be no problems with understanding the text.

Civilization VI

A wonderful turn-based strategy that won the hearts of millions of players. Now we will not argue that it is better in the game plan - Civilization V or Civilization VI. But in terms of learning English, the sixth part is more diverse.

The developers have greatly expanded the game library. There are many game nuances that are detailed in the Encyclopedia of Civilization. To become a good player, you will need to read a lot of things.

Game mechanics are not obvious. For example, in order to choose the Wonders of the World correctly and locate them on the territory of a state, you need to read about their compatibility and functions. The principle “the more the better” does not work here.

To achieve success in the development of the state, you need planning. And all the necessary information is in the game encyclopedia.

In addition, the game has many historical references and references, which will be interesting to read. And an accurate understanding of the rivals' dialogues is necessary for competent diplomacy - it will be a shame to accidentally start a war with a strong rival because you misunderstood the remark.

This is what Civilopedia looks like. 16 knowledge sections, each with up to fifty tabs with information. A huge amount of historical information on any of the epochs of the development of civilization, as well as strategic advice on the use of units and buildings.

We recommend Civilization for students who already have a level of knowledge of Upper-Intermediate or higher. This is because in the articles of Civilopedia there are a lot of terms from the sphere of military affairs, architecture, technology, religion and other industries.

And immediately warn that the dictionary will be required necessarily. Some terms simply cannot be understood from the context, because few people know them even in Russian :)

Neverwinter nights 2

We will not compare the first and second parts in the game plan. They are both good in their own way. But the second part is better suited for learning English, because there is much more attention paid to the dialogues with the NPC.

The choice of answer options directly affects the attitude of the NPC to the hero, completing quests and rewards for completing them.

Language is basically simple - the level of Intermediate knowledge in most cases will be enough. In the dialogues sometimes come across complex structures, but they are few. The only items in the inventory sometimes have strange names - they will have to look at the dictionary.

The game is perfect for fans of fantasy RPG. By the way, there is a lot of fantasy slang here, so if you are not in the subject, then you will need to figure it all out.

Age of decadence

We undeservedly let this game out of our attention, because it did not receive wide marketing support. She came out in 2015, but we learned about it just a week ago (thanks to Habr's subscriber).

Age of Decadence is a romance in the spirit of real classics. With its variety of actions in the game world, it resembles Fallout 2. What is remarkable, you will play the role that you chose at the beginning of the game. This means that if you play a warrior, you will not need to pump diplomacy or pickpocket to successfully complete the quest.

There are many dialogues in the game. But we also recommend choosing a character that is designed for playing back through conversations. The merchant fits perfectly. In principle, with straight arms and a bit of luck there is an opportunity to go through the game even with a complete pacifist, without fights and murders.

There is a lot of text in the game, and it really needs to be read. There are many quests that are tied exactly to the dialogues, so skip the replicas will not work.

To achieve goals, the game will really have to communicate a lot with the NPC. In this review of the gameplay, you can see how much - the dialogue takes up to 50% of game time.

As for the level of the language - we recommend passing it to gamers with the level of English Upper-Intermediate. The very style of replicas for a lower level of knowledge will be an obstacle to their understanding.

The Game of Thrones: The Game

The game in the style of interactive cinema from Telltale Games based on the novel of the same name by George Martin.

And immediately warned. Passing the game is only for those who are already familiar with the universe of Martin: read a book or watched the show. The game does not have enough information in order to attract and retain players who are not familiar with the main features of the world.

In general, the game is addictive. Familiar characters are competently entered, many new ones are introduced. Technical execution - almost the same as in The Walking Dead. Maximum attention is paid to the dialogues and choices that directly affect the plot.

True, the texts and dialogues are quite complex, which also destroys the limited time to choose most answers.

There are 7 seconds to choose from. During this time, you need to read the options, understand their meaning and estimate the possible consequences.

For a comfortable game, you need an English level of less than Upper-Intermediate. This is largely due to the need to quickly analyze response options in dialogs and make choices. The lower level simply will not let you enjoy the game to the full and imbued with the story that it tells.

Baldur's gate

The lamp RPG that came out 20 (!) Years ago. At that time, it was a breakthrough in the gaming industry.

The game is based on the universe of Forgotten Realms and uses the combat mechanics of the board role-playing games Dungeons and Dragons, so roleviki of the whole world greeted her as their own.

Undoubtedly, Baldur's Gate means a lot to the development of the gaming industry, but we will consider it in the context of learning English.

Dialogues with the NPC paid much attention. You can talk with most of the characters in the peace zones - many of them give quests. In addition, you have to pay attention to the relations in the team of the main character, because different satellites require a different relationship.

The process of communication with the NPC looks like. Replicas are often deployed with lots of text. And to understand the situation will have to read them completely.

The only negative - for its passage in the original need a high level of English. Upper-Intermediate, but better than Advanced. The fact is that many replicas of characters and NPCs are written literary and with very diverse vocabulary. This fits the setting perfectly, but makes it harder to understand.

Let us add that learning English with the help of games is a great way to use the language in practice. But do not neglect the standard exercises and the development of vocabulary.

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