Two techniques of “Forbidden Marketing”


    Hello! Here, with our partners, the Yambox company decided to launch a cycle of short periodic publications. In them, we intend to share with interesting readers some interesting features that you can use to diversify your company's everyday business processes.

    Since this is the first article in the series, let me introduce myself, we are Our main occupation is the creation and launch of various startups, our partners Yambox is a fulfillment operator, that is, these guys can be entrusted with all the logistics processes of your online store from storage and packaging to delivery to the final recipient, and it’s easy to manage your business as if you play an economic strategy.

    We noticed that many of our customers selling their products are incurably banal in their receptions, despite the fact that marketing and PR technologies have now become essentially an art form, most entrepreneurs do not go beyond simply dumping their goods. client’s eyes and throw a simple message like “well, it's cheaper than those guys”. It looks something like this: come to the theater to watch the play “Hamlet”, the actor lights up on the stage and says “Well, in the end, everyone died in short”, you think - “what the hell, I paid money for this ticket” and he told you “Well, but it’s cheaper here than in a neighboring theater.”

    A person, in fact, does not need most of the products that he buys, and this is not a discovery, so let's talk about what will help to attract the attention of your client and show him a real idea about extreme marketing.

    The technique of soft capture of attention.

    My comparison of marketing with the theater is not that it is too true, because a person comes into the theater ready, tuned in to the perception of beauty, and having paid the money in advance, it would be more accurate to compare it with the performance that the market trader at the fair gives to customers your product.
    Here your customer glides along the market square, and various goods are shoved to him on the left, then on the right. Barkers are shouting, at which it’s even scary to watch, they will even grab hold of the sleeve and start to steam something, someone offers to test the sauerkraut for free, but there is a sullen two-meter peasant and a mountain of Tambov potatoes is laid out in front of him, and the sectarians with tambourines are dancing and they sing "earn 100.5 million in three days without doing anything"
    And he goes and thinks "you go to hell with your tambourines, where are they selling fruit."
    He comes up to a guy with the strange name Yandex Guglovich who asks him about fruit and he points to a long row. In which somewhere in the middle is your humble counter.

    Presented a picture?
    Now imagine that there is neither a market, nor a peasant with potatoes, nor sectarians, nor your counter. There are only an infinite number of words, numbers and pictures.
    Indeed, in fact, the Internet is such a healthy self-writing book, or rather, many books combined into a library, the shelves of which also consist of words and numbers, since the program code is also words and numbers combined in a certain sequence.

    It turns out that our client’s consciousness moves through words, numbers and pictures wrapped in words, numbers and pictures that are created from other words, numbers and pictures. And all these words, numbers and pictures are created by people or machines that people created to somehow exchange images created by the imagination.
    But, as you probably already understood, a word is, first of all, what controls consciousness ...


    Have you noticed? I wrote the word "APELSIN." You read it and your body instantly reacted.
    Your taste memory has worked. A distant taste of orange appeared in your mouth, whether you liked this taste or not, depending on whether you like oranges. Then, almost instantly, an image of an orange appeared in your imagination, or rather, rather, not even that, something orange appeared in your imagination, perhaps not even clothed in shape, but having the qualities of an orange.

    Such a generalized orange “Orange”.

    This is what we need, I won’t insert a picture here, because if I put a picture here, you will see a very specific orange, and your generalized orange in the mind will take shape and become like a certain fruit.

    Notice what happened to the orange in your imagination? He took shape. Now he has lost his ideality and regained shape. What happened?

    Notice I gave you just one word-image, the rest of the stream of words was directed to control your vision of this image. In other words, I wrote a simple program code that you read and executed my script. At first I disoriented your consciousness, forcing you to analyze a complex semantic construct, your logical thinking was distracted and exhausted, and then I stuck in your head the image I needed that would not last more than a second if I had not supported it in other words, making it live and will change in your mind.
    I will not be mistaken if I say that some of you wanted to go to the refrigerator and get APELSIN from there. Someone didn’t have oranges in the refrigerator, and that’s why I decided to offer it to you right now, so take it ...



    I sold you an orange?

    Stop the game! now on business.

    A visitor comes to your site from everyday life with work, mortgage, mother-in-law and car breakdown. He brought it all with him and will chew it like a cow in a meadow until you take this chewing gum from him. You can do this in several ways, the first one I just tried to show you how I could.

    I don’t remember how this technique is called smart uncles who invented it, so for convenience we call it “soft attention grabber”. In fact, I disoriented your consciousness and directed your thoughts to the object that I needed, then I waited until this image is rooted in your brains and forms a need, so I wandered around for a long time. Supporting your attention with stories about the technique of “soft capture”, I constantly mentioned the image I needed in the text. Notice, I tried not to let your vision adjust and run to the word "orange" without noticing it, so I sometimes used a capsule and a different font.

    I think it didn’t work for everyone, but the experiments I have conducted earlier say that this technique works for more than 70 percent of readers. Do not throw stools at me, I know that many people call it illegal marketing, but my fundamental position is that if you do not sell anything harmful to freedom and health, then it's okay if you play a little with the psychology of your customers. In any case, every word read or spoken already changes your mind somehow, so why don’t you buy an orange  Moreover, we are worse than guys from one well-known mobile operator.

    Rigid Attention Technique

    This technique is basically based on the same principle, but differs in that bright visual images are used to split attention.
    In other words, if, in the first case, to take away her chewing gum from a cow, you jump around a cow with a tambourine and whisper penetratingly into her ears, then in the event of a hard grip, you put a cow desert chewing grass in the meadow in front of a cow, and hope that she will spit out grass in surprise and will eat your cacti.
    In the case of a hard capture, the splitting effect is almost always caused by the dissonance of visual content, a certain logical error, the fact is that when our consciousness sees an error, it begins active analytical activity, our mind tries to put everything in order, systematize, restore the usual order of things. This activity drains attention and gives the insidious marketer the opportunity to get into your head.


    Let's analyze the picture. The dissonance in this picture is provided by two dancing sharks, this attracts our attention and can even be said to be slightly disorienting. A visitor going to the site imagines that there will be a girl with a phone in her hands or some guy in a business-like jacket, but no sharks dancing like that. Further, our attention goes to the phrase "you will not disconnect with us." Ha, they are mocking, tearing your eyes away from this madness is not so simple. This phrase is the simplest script that gives us the command not to close the tab, not to rewind the site down, to leave attention here on this banner. Attention, the resource is exhaustible and after a couple of seconds we feel the need to switch it to another object of lower intensity, then we read the headline and it easily and without coercion directly penetrates our cow's mouth.

    It should be noted that both techniques cannot be used everywhere.
    For example, the second technique works well to draw attention to new products of your company, the first may not be badly used in article advertising.

    This article does not claim to exhaust the topic, of course, there are other less extreme techniques for attracting the attention of customers, for example, you can just sell something very necessary and high-quality, then you will not only need these tricks, but maybe the site will not be needed .
    The next article will be about how to properly grow the right idea in the head of a site visitor and how to add value to the product, working correctly with the memories and associative series of your customers, so sign up.

    Sincerely, The fulfillment team of the operator"Yambox" which helps turn your online store into an economic game, and the startup studio "".

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