How not to overpay for SEO improvements when submitting a site?

So, the site has been commissioned. Acts signed. The customer is satisfied.

Let's go through the list:

  • Cool modern design - is.
  • Convenient structure and catalog navigation are in place.
  • A bright call-to-action button is available.
  • Conversion feedback forms - please.
  • A memorable domain, an intuitive management system, useful widgets - yes, and yes again.

At first glance, the site is ready to go. But experts at digital agencies say the opposite. Errors pop up that prevent the effective search engine promotion of the website. It would seem that the developer should have foreseen all possible problems. But it's not always the case. Money is again demanded from the customer. The presence of batch extensions for popular content management systems does not always help, especially when it comes to individual solutions that work on frameworks.

Let's try to figure out what to look for when accepting a project so that the cost of search engine promotion does not include the cost of technical improvements.


A short recipe for mandatory site SEO functionality

For a convenient and effective search engine promotion of a site on the Internet, you will need the following ingredients:

1. CNC addresses . You should check if you can adjust the page URLs. Ideally, if human-readable urls are generated automatically from the page title.

2. Meta tags . You should know if (auto) filling and / or editing of the Discription and Keywords meta tags is provided. Do not forget about the title tag Title either.

3. Content . Check the possibility of changing (creating and editing) all user content within the functionality of the site.

4. Open source. It is important to make sure that you have access to the code to make technical changes, install statistics systems and widgets, make changes to the interface, etc.

5. Indexing files . It is recommended to check the availability of the ability to work with robots.txt and sitemap.xml files through the control system interface (or their automatic generation).

6. "Breadcrumbs . " They help to take into account behavioral factors and page weight in search SEO promotion.

7. Adaptive layout . After the release of the Vladivostok algorithm, ( ) Yandex began to rank lower sites without “mobile suitability”.

Let us dwell on each item.

CNC addresses

CNC addresses ("human urls") are URLs of transliterated pages. You can read more about the basic knowledge for the Customer of site search promotion here . The presence of CNC is an important factor in ranking sites, so you can not do without it. Ask developers about this feature and demand it in standard functionality.

CNC addresses for site promotion

Meta tags

In our practice, projects with no meta tags are still encountered. Therefore, we recommend that you track the possibility of a simple change in Title, Keywords and Discription without the need for a batch extension of the management system. For large online stores or sites with a large catalog of news and publications, you can provide autofill. This will help save time and effort of hardworking SEO-specialists and the Customer.

Meta tags for search engine website promotion

Content Editing

Verify that all content can be edited using the capabilities of the management system.

Important: the text should not be hidden in the code.

We recommend you try to create new material yourself or edit an existing one. Use different types of content - text, photo and video. This will also help to understand if the styles are configured correctly.

Editing content for search engine promotion sites on the Internet

Open source edits

At the first stage of working with a project, it is important to conduct a detailed analysis of it from several sides (technical, search and usability). Based on the results of the audit, a scheme of search promotion and promotion is built. For example, we may need to add contacts to the site header or transfer the CTA-button (“call to action”) to a more conversion location.

Open source for site promotion

Convenient work with robots.txt and sitemap.xml

This item has been added soon for our convenience. Let us explain why: to edit the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, you need to constantly open the site root. It takes time. We stand for the optimization of all the processes of the site and work with it. In the case of a large frequently updated directory, blog or news feed, you may need to automatically generate indexing files.

Robots.txt for search engine promotion in Yekaterinburg

Sitemap.xml for search engine promotion site in Yandex


They represent the path from the root to the current page of the site. They are a navigational element for improving user behavior and transferring page weights. Because "breadcrumbs" allow you to influence the issuance, which makes them an indispensable element of the search engine promotion site in Yandex and Google.

"Breadcrumbs" for search engine promotion sites

Adaptive layout

She, like Satan, has many names: rubber typesetting, responsa, responsive design, etc. Search engines began to pay more and more attention to mobile friendliness for the formation of not only mobile, but also desktop SERPs. Someone else is creating a separate mobile version of the site, but we think this is not an optimal solution to the problem. Therefore, for the maximum potential effect of the search engine promotion of the site, it is necessary to resort to adaptive layout.

Adaptive layout for search engine website promotion on the Internet

We have described an incomplete list of the necessary SEO-functionality of the site. And how would you add to the list?

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