Presidential instructions on the legalization and support of self-employed citizens are included in the anti-crisis plan

    Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to expand support and registration of self-employed citizens. Such citizens should be understood as everyone who provides services without registering as an individual entrepreneur. Persons who rent apartments are also in this category.

    The government included this order in the anti-crisis plan. By February 1, the development of this plan should be completed.

    According to Kommersant, a new item has appeared in the list of support measures for self-employed citizens, which implies the introduction of a patent for them and even the possibility of obtaining and paying for such a patent in electronic form.

    Other measures include the organization of public services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the basis of multifunctional centers (MFCs) and the creation of “specialized” MFCs for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The government also supports the idea of ​​providing “services for the creation and conduct of business” based on employment services and “involving socially vulnerable groups of citizens in business”. The organization of such consultations and seminars will be undertaken by SME Corporation JSC on the basis of the infrastructure for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Until June 1, the authorities, on the basis of a new instruction of the president, must make appropriate amendments to the legislation. The corresponding document was published on the Kremlin website on January 27, reports"Kommersant."

    In addition to these measures, the plan already contains proposals for self-employed citizens: the Ministry of Economy proposed to reduce the burden on patent payers (including self-employed), to give them the right to deduct insurance premiums from the cost of the patent. Now the minimum contribution amount is 22 thousand rubles per year. According to the department, the reluctance to pay this amount keeps potential patent recipients from going out of the shadows.

    The anti-crisis plan of the government is about 100 points. 20 of them relate to small and medium-sized businesses in general. Among them:

    • an increase in the threshold for applying special taxation regimes to 120 million rubles (now this threshold, which has not changed in 2008, is 60 million rubles);

    • unlimited extension of the single imputed income tax (UTII) after January 1, 2018;

    • introduction of a moratorium on increasing UTII in 2017 (or rather, on increasing the deflator coefficient by which this tax is calculated);

    • fixing a single tax deduction standard for property taxes calculated at cadastral value (companies that own premises with an area of ​​less than 500 sq. M will not pay tax, and those who own a larger area will pay this tax only if exceeded).

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