10 New Year Startups

    Preparation for the main holiday of the year is, on the one hand, pleasant and joyful, on the other hand, it is vain and nervous. At work, I had to shovel half of the Runet, in search of original ideas and artists for the holiday. As a result, it turned out to make a selection of Russian start-ups who will take at least part of the New Year’s cares on themselves, cheer up and help entertain guests on a holiday.


    1. Can't you figure out what to give to a boss, partner or aunt from Syktyvkar? The service " Gift Ideas " will offer several options according to the specified parameters. You can choose the occasion, addressee, the nature of the gift, price range and location. The service offers several options to choose from, as well as a link to an online or offline store website where you can purchase a present.

    2. If you are a PR specialist or just responsible for giving gifts to clients and partners at work, then Sesame service will help you . Here you can create a gift set, brand it and send it to the addressee. You can use the service and to arrange personal gifts.

    3. Do you want a very, very unusual gift? How about a bouquet of tangerines with fir branches, nuts and cones? The startup project “ Very Good ” makes unique bouquets of fruits and vegetables; there are branches in major cities of Russia. Take a look at their instagram, it’s interesting there!

    Entertainment for guests

    4. Where can I get artists for a holiday when a couple of weeks are left before the New Year? Search the Poptop Platform. The resource helps to quickly and easily order professionals in the entertainment industry (DJs, cover bands, magicians, catering, photographers).

    5. There is no budget for artists, but do you need to entertain your colleagues at a corporate party or a large company in a club shot for the evening? The living wall from the Hashboard project will become an assistant in competitions and a platform for creative expression of guests. The project collects content with a specific hashtag in social networks and broadcasts them to the screen in the hall. Set a tag and theme for the posts, set up prizes for the most active and creative, and watch how the guests have fun and send greetings to each other. In the morning you can see all the posts in one place.

    6. You can take guests at a holiday by recording a collective video greeting: to yourself, to friends who are not nearby, to partners or relatives. The Tabrier resource will help in organizing the process - an event is created in the application, participants record congratulations, and the application glues the video, imposes filters and music, can even send it to the addressee on the desired day.

    Postcards, snow and a little heat

    7. Care and warmth - hidden in the little things. Sending coffee to a dear person as a gift, even if he lives “far away,” has become quite real. Startup “ Coffee as a gift ” works with many coffee houses in Russian cities. Find a suitable option and make each other pleasant.

    8. Eventcard service will help you create a real postcard from a photo from your mobile and send it by mail to anywhere in the world . Follow 3 simple steps and write good words. Everything is simple.

    9. Surprisingly, startup teams have even taken care of the snow around our homes. With the help of the Plowz project, you can find the snowplow closest to the house and order snow cleaning at your entrance or entrance. Problem - The service is available only in America.

    10. The last service in the collection can hardly be called a startup. He recently celebrated a decade. But it is impossible to pass by it on New Year’s Eve, especially if in December the grass turns green outside your window. Website SnowDays.meit has been broadcasting online snowfall for many years and nobody has managed to find the same snowflakes in it yet. A bewitching sight.

    Do you know startup projects whose services are useful on New Year's Eve?

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