Performance Evaluation Review

Surely everyone who worked in a more or less large company was faced with a situation where they had to communicate with their immediate superiors and prove their “usefulness” in the company. And already on the basis of HOW you present yourself you will be offered (or you yourself ask) a promotion in the form of an increase in salary or growth in the career ladder (or both).

It is clear that often your promotion largely depends on the financial capabilities of the company (project) at the moment, on the success of the project, on the current situation of the company in the market, on the need to sell personnel more expensive to the customer (and here the position you take will play a role) and many other factors. BUT, no wonder I said in a more or less large company. Indeed, when the number of direct wards becomes more than 10 people, then, from the point of view of the manager, it is very difficult to assess the contribution of each to the common cause. And here it is very important how you show yourself at the rally with the boss.

There are many names for such a rally, but let us dwell on the most famous and his name - Performance Evaluation Meeting (Review) , in the common people eval.

So, exactly how you put yourself in a good light for you in the eyes of the authorities on the eval can sometimes play a key role in your career growth. And my main point at this stage, which I want to convey that is preparing for an evaluation review, is very high quality and meticulous.

In his practice, he noted more than once that the higher a person occupies a higher position, the more carefully he will prepare for a rally.

Before I directly break into some advice, I would like to share the good practice that we recently introduced at work. And her name is Performance Evaluation Essay . Yes, it is an essay that represents your vision of the following aspects of the work:
- what have you achieved since the previous review
- what problems and interesting problems did you manage to solve and how successful was it
- what goals were set for you by your superiors and accordingly the results
- what goals did you set for yourself and what are the achievements
- what do you think you are doing wrong and what should be changed
- describe any other aspects of your work that seem important to

you. You send a letter with everything described above to your manager and this helps you communicate with him on the ewal more specifically and focus on some specific things. Instead of exchanging common phrases from the category “I will try,” “more attention needs to be paid to basic knowledge,” etc.

An important point in writing an essay is that the format should be arbitrary. Since there’s no reason to invent any patterns. Let the person as he desires to describe his achievements, wishes, comments in an acceptable form for him. The introduction of any kind of restrictions will lead to the fact that employees will less actively prepare essays and in the end everything will turn into a bureaucratic preparation of a template report. But this cannot be allowed in any way. After all, it is openness that we expect in a conversation between the boss and the subordinate.

Even with a free form of expression of their views, many do it reluctantly, which is the main mistake. Since the one who wants to grow and develop must know where to strive and what he needs to achieve his goals. And it is an active position that will help in this matter. After all, being a passive observer you will never know why the salary is not growing, what you are doing wrong, what you need to change, what to improve.

There are three main questions that the employee should know the answer during the eval:
- what I do well
- what should I stop doing
- what should I start doing
Based on these questions and should build a dialogue between you and the manager.

Continuing on the format of the essay, I want to say that it can be anything - a letter with theses, a printout of your time report to show how you work a lot, but anything. In my experience there was a case when a person shot a video with his impressions, achievements, expectations from work and provided the video to his manager. What actually pleased him. After all, agree pleasantly when a person loves his work, does it with pleasure and looks a little wider than just setting a specific task. This is exactly what we want to achieve by holding such meetings - to understand what a person expects from a company and to help him in every possible way in solving his tasks, problems, etc.

A feedback on your work will make it possible to conduct an evaluation rally more productively, balance the assessment about you, point out the problem areas, and form your future development plan. IT IS IMPORTANT TO DO EVERYTHING TO BE HEARED.

The most important thing about all this is to understand what you really expect. Who do you see yourself in the future - in this company or perhaps beyond. This will help you determine your priorities and course.

Let it not sound like a lyric, but still - if you have a goal in two years to become a director, then you need to live it and move in this direction today.

Key tips for preparing an essay:
1. Open conversation. You should not be shy - except for yourself, no one will praise you, and accordingly there will be no reason to increase your position or salary if you yourself do not take an active part in this. You must always uphold your views and principles. Silence and inaction are an irrevocable road to nowhere.

Even if, for example, your team leader wrote a good review about you, or the manager himself has a very good impression of your work, it is still necessary to lay out facts confirming your merits with fire in your eyes and with foam from your mouth.

I have often happened to see situations when a person is sooooo smart and brings a huge profit to the project, but because of his modesty, passivity, he gets an order of magnitude less than any “average people”, but who are more actively defending their position.

You must understand that 15 more people want this increase and you must prove that it is you who deserve it.

Highlight your strengths. Perhaps now you are just a tester, but good interpersonal skills, the ability to resolve conflicts, and sincerity will help you become a leader in the future. But you should not be silent about these strengths of your personality and expect that they will notice it by themselves.

2. Objectivity. Self-exhauster is certainly good, but be extremely objective in relation to yourself. You need to evaluate yourself based on the results of your own work. You can work poorly, you can just work, but you can work efficiently. The fact that an employee is never late for work and always comes in fresh after a corporate party does not mean that in his person the company has acquired a valuable shot that will give a new qualitative impetus to its development. You should know the answer to one simple question - what did the company get as a result of cooperation with you !?

Achievements must be measurable. For example, an increase in the customer base by a certain number of times, or a reduction in costs by so many percent, some innovations or a proposal to optimize a process. Difficulties with the wording of the answer to this item can be a warning signal for you and an incentive to reconsider your attitude to work as such.

3. Conciseness. When setting out your thoughts in an essay, no one will read a book about how good you are! Everything will end at the maximum on the second page of your fairy tale. A4 pages are enough to describe all your successes and hotel wishes.
Although this is not a paper version, but an oral dialogue, you still should not overload the interlocutor with tons of information. Ultimately, empty-to-empty transfusion will begin to annoy, even though you are essentially right.

4. Self-criticism . Do not be afraid to criticize yourself. This allows you to understand that you are aware of your mistakes and are working in the indicated direction.

By the way, most men are prone to overestimated self-esteem and just self-criticism will help to slightly lower the bar of their own egoism and to see the situation closer to the truth.

Even if the conversation with the manager takes place in any other format, you should always have a piece of paper with key aspects of your business. Nerves, excitement - something important can fly out of my head. But why not be nervous if you decide what position you should occupy and what salary you should live on?

Even if you are well prepared, it is far from a fact that you will be heard and all suggestions and wishes will immediately take effect. But do not give up! In any case, you are on the right track. Rome, too, was not built in a day. You should continue in the same spirit and the final goal will be achieved.

Better try and fail than fail to try!

Good luck in all your endeavors!

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