What virtualization questions do you expect from a graduate?

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It is in this formulation - to which virtualization questions you expect the answer and, preferably, the correct one from the graduate. He probably has no experience yet, but basic things ...
And what does each mean by these basic things, knowledge of which is necessary?

Many of these questions are asked at interviews. Grouped topics / questions as a diagram.

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MindMap (Freeplane) on drive.google.com (do not load on habrastorage * .mm) The

question of the total cost of ownership (life cycle cost) is not on the scheme, because it is influenced by many factors, some of which are learned only with experience or are associated with the characteristics of the organization (from the requirements of regulators to individual individuals).

The issue of licensing the scheme is not submitted for the following reasons:
  • the issue of licensing is found in many disciplines and is very distracting;
  • Whether the answer will satisfy you: OEM / BOX / “commercial” (electronic, subscription, etc.) / trial / rent + training + Free / ShareWare + zoo OpenSource + subscription to support services;
  • licensing may be indicated in pieces (servers / installations / clients), in restrictions on the resources used (processor cores / RAM / available for device emulation), in editions / versions, in provider costs or in investments in personnel implementing OpenSource;
  • highly dependent on the supplier of a particular solution, especially if it is * aas;
  • and so gradually we approach the issue of the cost of ownership.

If there are questions that you think should be included - write in a comment or in a personal.
Thanks to everyone who responded for messages, tips and constructive discussion!

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Are there topics / questions on the diagram that you did not know about at the time of release? (assuming they already existed)

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