Where to read about the media: 9 sites for professionals and sympathizers

    Finding a decent Russian media site is difficult, but real. In English - more research and numbers: you can spy good ideas. We have collected Russian and English-language media and blogs that write about the media business and journalism. Each one has links to a couple of interesting articles.



    The nonprofit school of journalism Poynter on its website writes about new media and changes in the profession.

    Washington Post Tries Intuitive Web Design

    Material about how the largest US site is conducting radical changes on the site in order to adapt it to mobile platforms and social networks.

    10 Tips for Organizing Text Writing Materials

    The author of the book “50 Writing Techniques” Roy Peter Clark tells how not to get confused in the materials and not die from an overdose of facts.




    The blog of Sports.ru product director Mikhail Kalashnikov. Sports.ru is one of the leading Russian media (the technical department there is more than the editorial staff), which is actively experimenting with traffic channels and formats.

    Kalashnikov on the blog talks about the Russian media market, regularly compiles digests of interesting publications on the topic.

    What to do media when users block all ads

    “The problem with digital advertising is that it is networked - it spreads across platforms and uses the same technologies.” Transferable material about the eternal battle of UX and advertising and what can complete it.

    “The perfect storm.” 10 ways to convert the comments if you do not like "

    Brainstorm on the topic of comments: what to do to improve their quality and quantity on the media site.



    American press institute

    The American Press Institute is a nonprofit organization founded in 1946. The site has good thematic news aggregators Need To Know , Business models , Metrics and measurement , which contains brief reviews and links to interesting news and publications from various sources. Search in these sections works well. If you want to comb through a specific topic. How do media redesign , for example.

    “The best methods of conveying information to the millennials”

    Part of a large-scale study on millennials - people who were born between 1980 and 2000. What excites them and how to get their attention.



    "We and Jo"

    A publication about modern media and journalism created by Alexander Amzin, a media consultant and former journalist of Lenta.ru. It is good because it translates good articles from the English-language media and highlights the main thing from the western industry agenda. Unfortunately, the site is not replenished as often as we would like.

    Restarting Independent: Important Web Features

    In November 2015, Independent restarted the site. "We and Jo" indicates the characteristic features of the digital version of the newspaper.

    Summary and Key Findings of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015

    A brief (relatively) translation of the 112-page Digital News Report 2015 , which contains all the important media trends.



    Nieman lab

    Website of the American research company Nieman Lab. Regularly conducts research and talks about the latest news from the media industry. The main page aggregates media publications from blogs and the press (which saves you the trouble of rummaging through a bunch of sites and looking for something in the media section). In the Reports section, he publishes analytics: from how it feels to fight racism in the Obama presidency to new media markets.

    Why the largest US news campaigns go to India

    The story of how Quartz, BuzzFeed and Huffington Post open their editorial offices in India. What they already have from the new market and what they expect.

    “Can you make people pay a dollar a day for reading the news?”

    Column of the already famous futurist Ken Doctor about why local media and potential monetization models are so important.



    Copyblogger Blog

    Copyblogger's blog is dedicated to content marketing in all its manifestations.

    If you are making your own media, do not neglect content marketing sources. Content marketing is just the story of how to create content that engages readers and achieve maximum effect with minimal effort.

    “The only sure way to make hit content in no time”

    A story about how to reuse content and why you need to transfer the best materials over time.

    “How to use the“ rule of three ”to create engaging content”

    The "Rule of Three" reads: everything that goes in number of three more satisfies, involves and amuses the reader. The post understands how to use the three-part structure.



    We shall burn bright

    The collective blog of Bogdana Serebriyan, Olga Sidorova, Sergey Paranko, Mika Stetsovsky.

    All of them work in the editorial office of the media project Mail.Ru Group, which is actively experimenting and is interested in the media world. For example, in holding projects, views no longer play a key role in evaluating authors.

    They also have a group on Facebook , where participants post materials about what is happening in Russian and foreign media.

    “How do editorial staff evaluate the effectiveness of the author”

    The fact that the effectiveness of the editor should be evaluated not by the number of views (it is easy to cheat), but by the involvement of readers.

    “How interesting it is to format survey results and data tables”

    The text on how and why boring tables is better to convert into infographics with real examples.



    MediaToolbox Blog

    The blog of the analytical company MediaToolbox is dedicated to new media formats and editorial work.

    “What will make the reader click on your text and read it to the end?”

    How to make a random person on the Internet click - all about white, gray and black methods of attraction. To read, click on the hypodermic.

    “Telegram bots: everything you wanted to ask about them”

    A comprehensive guide to the new media channel for disseminating information - bots on Telegram.




    Digital edition: content, advertising, marketing. He monitors industry trends and regularly writes news and columns on the topic.

    “Opinion: publishers must study their own data in order to thrive”

    A cautionary tale of what publishers lose by not processing user data.

    “Why Gawker Doesn't Fight Ad Block”

    While all media are struggling hard with ad blockers, Gawker says it won’t block or block readers from using Ad Block.


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