Cosmetic MIX from Kokoc Mobile

    The opportunity to create your own cosmetic product gives anyone who wants an application developed by Kokoc Mobile (Kokoc Group's mobile development division) for the MIXIT online laboratory.

    Thanks to the new application, made in the form of a designer, the process of creating cosmetics (products for the face, body or hair) from several ingredients will take only a few minutes. For example, to make a cream for normal skin on a nutritious basis with Shea butter, you can add vitamin E, aloe vera gel, lemon essential oil and put it in the "Basket". Further, mix and shake the ingredients will be MIXIT specialists.

    However, first you need to pay for the order, for the convenience of users, the developers realized the possibility of buying using a mobile phone and a credit card. You can get the finished product anywhere in Russia by selecting the appropriate pickpoint delivery system pickpoint. By the way, if your recipe is successful and your friends will definitely like it, in the near future you can share it using authorization through social networks.

    Do not worry about the accuracy of proportions and the availability of ingredients: Kokoc Mobile has synchronized the application with the company's internal server and website. This allowed us to make the work of the designer as stable as possible and eliminate possible problems with the formation and ordering of products.

    - Work on the application was an unusual creative experience. A kind of challenge was the need to make it intuitive for ordinary users, given the large number of ingredients, including a description of the properties and a complex mechanism for creating a designer, ”said Grigory Kharchenko, head of Kokoc Mobile (Kokoc Group’s mobile development unit).

    The MIXIT app is available for iOS and Android users.

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