RedHelper - startup of the day according to RusBase

    In the “Startup of the day” section, a new hero is RedHelper, a developer of an online consultant and callback for sites that show user actions in a browser and compare operators' indicators.

    In 2012, the company raised $ 600 thousand from the Leta Capital venture capital fund, and now they are developing a free version of the callback.

    The CEO of the company Anton Chernyatin answered the question of Rusbase.

    What would your service look like 50 years ago?

    Our public organization, and 50 years ago it would have been it, would have been called the Red Assistant. We would provide communication between people and organizations.

    Any organization could send us a message. And people - send a request for information. And our specialists, as couriers, would deliver it in writing to the addressees.

    What is your most expensive customer contract?

    1.5 million rubles.

    Who should not take money for a business?

    In my opinion, there are no such people or organizations from which it would not be worth taking money for a business. It is important to assess risks. You should not take money only if you do not understand why they give it and what you risk. You have to anticipate the expectations with which people invest in your business.

    Which competitor do you consider a worthy rival?

    For us, rivals in different periods of our development are JivoSite, LiveTex, CallbackHunter. For example, we are developing marketing and we understand that the number one in the field of screaming marketing is CallbackHunter. If we turn to the development of the freemium direction, then we look at the dynamics of JivoSite. In terms of participation in exhibitions and industry events, we look at LiveTex. If we talk about the development of first-class product design, we focus on foreign LiveChatInc. Competitors are a great opportunity to compete with someone when you want to fight. And the team often needs it. In my opinion, it is important to choose competitors in the parts where they are strong, and try to be rivals there.

    Have you ever ...?

    We have never envied our competitors. We always have the feeling that we can “tear them up”.

    The least you can do to get your service annoying to the customer?

    Set the default settings as competitors. Initially, we created RedConnect as a service that should not bother the client. We understand that chats and callbacks are terribly enraging. Therefore, we worked out such a concept that there was a conversion into a perfect action, but the service was not annoying.

    How many employees were ready to work with you for free at the start?

    Free people never work. There are people who work for salaries and this is normal, but there are people who are passionate about the team and the process. Everyone needs motivation. It can be expressed in money, or in something else. A sales manager, for example, will not work without money. But many specialists work for the future.

    How much time per day do you spend on social networks?

    In our company, we did the SotsRang project - monitoring employees' stay on social networks: we collected data, created graphs, analyzed content and gave out information that some of the managers, for example, did not post anything about working on Facebook. What was important was not the time spent on social networks, but the patterns of behavior.

    I can say that programmers practically do not sit on social networks. Our technical director is there once a week when someone needs to write. Other employees spend about an hour a day on social networks. And this is not necessarily viewing publics and pictures - many use social networks as a music player.

    For me, Facebook is a business social network for work contracts, and VKontakte is music.

    Do you want your company to be bought ...?

    We dream that we would be offered by Google - we want to develop technology in such a way as to be interesting to large players. But this does not mean that we will sell the company.

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