How to get into technology companies without an appropriate education

    One of the features of the high-tech sector is that a significant percentage of the people working in it were there, knowing absolutely nothing from the very beginning. They did not study at MIT, they do not have a diploma in computer science, and they may still not understand programming. And all because in the field of technology people are required not only in order to engage in development, but also in order to make a business out of these developments and to further increase it.

    Here are some tips to help you find your place in this progressive sector of the economy.

    1. Search in the right place

    Despite the fact that many people from your environment (at least parents) are trying to force you to work in large corporations, because they seem safe, startups are also a great place to start a career. You, as a new member of the team, will be able not only to immediately make a significant contribution, but also to delve into various areas of the company.

    In most corporations, there are fairly clear boundaries between departments: working in one department, an employee is unlikely to be able to try himself in another. In startups, the opposite is true: one person can (and most likely will have to) try himself on a variety of roles, gaining a completely diverse experience in a short period of time. But this does not mean at all that you certainly need to get settled only in a nascent startup. Try contacting those that already have venture capital fund funding, and / or those that have been successfully operating for several years. Companies that have existed on the market for five to ten years can also be considered start-ups to some extent and at the same time can offer employees a number of advantages: from a social package to a fashionable workspace.

    2. Find a suitable area

    If you are interested in startup culture, then search for a startup in the area you are interested in. Do you like fashion? Find a fashion startup. Interested in learning languages? Startups also exist and are developing in this area. Interested in medicine since childhood? And there is something for you. In general, you get the point.

    The world of startups is huge. And despite the fact that most of them are somehow connected with technologies, for their formation and development specialists with completely different competencies are required. Find out what your soul lies to, and find a company whose goals will be compatible with your personal ones.

    3. Find a suitable role

    As soon as you decide on the field you are interested in, you need to find companies working in this field (since there is the Internet with various ratings and selections), visit their websites and find out about existing opportunities (vacancies).

    Pay attention not only to such positions as a programmer, developer or software architect, consider positions in the areas of sales, business development, marketing, operations management, personnel selection, etc. Or, if you are ready to plunge into the world of technologies a little deeper, try searching for yourself “hybrid” (techno-functional) roles, which are often very popular, for example, the role of a project manager, business analyst or consultant.

    Considering these positions, think about what you can bring to the company. Are you overly persistent, sociable, and self-confident? The position of a sales manager may suit you. Do you carefully verify all the details? In this case, the position of the project manager will be most suitable for you.

    4. Create a position for yourself

    This task will be quite difficult to accomplish if you work in an already established company and / or this is your first job after university. However, despite all the difficulties, you can always try to present yourself and your strengths to startup representatives in the best possible light - this is how a large number of people currently find work. Depending on the size of the startup, its representatives may not know who they need and what it should do.

    You can go further: find out what problems the company has at the moment, and accordingly propose a solution. Make the company need you and your abilities.

    5. Learn the materiel

    Many people working in technology do not have programming skills. Instead, they often have broad horizons and strategic thinking: it is these qualities that enable them to manage their business on an everyday basis. It is not necessary to be a developer in order to work in this field, however, an understanding of the basic technical concepts will be a significant advantage for you.

    If you want to work in the marketing department, closely study, for example, what is contained in the concepts of PPC, SEO and UX. If you are more attracted to sales, thoroughly study the product, all its technical features, as well as the features of competitors. In the event that your choice fell on e-commerce, an understanding of business processes, as well as the possibilities of using large data arrays (big data), can allow you to succeed.

    6. Show your zeal and active life position

    There is a widespread belief that representatives of generation Y are lazy and irresponsible. Prove the converse. Indicate in the resume all types of activity in which you were involved in any way during your studies at the university. Have you been the president of a skydiving club? Write about it. Did you take an active part in the student council? Give it one line. Played in a group? Yes, and paste this too.

    All types of activity to which you have devoted a significant amount of your time on an ongoing basis will help you prove to a potential employer that you will also relate to work. In addition, it is likely that one of the activities you mentioned will become the topic for starting a conversation. There is a very good chance that you will have any common interests with at least one of the interviewers. If you discuss them with him, the interviewer will have a much more favorable impression about you, which, you see, can seriously increase your chances.

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