How open projects will help you

    More recently, we began to talk here, including about various management tricks, which should pay attention to the heads of IT departments.

    Today we drew attention to a very interesting post on this topic from the developer of RedHat and Kano OS , Radek Pazdera.

    Let us see what conclusion can be drawn based on Radek's story. / Photo by / CC The bottom line is the speed of change in the IT industry. Keeping up with them is not so simple - they have to constantly solve the problem of updating their technological stack.

    Many developers simply find themselves out of work when familiar platforms and programming languages ​​become less in demand or even become a thing of the past.

    To solve this problem, the community itself has developed a certain approach, which consists in developing one open project per year. In the framework of using this approach, it is important to apply the following rule - the entire technological stack must be new.

    The ban on working with familiar technologies is something that is sometimes necessary and there is nothing shameful in creating it for yourself artificially.

    As a result, you get a much more serious challenge compared to passing tutorials and reading manuals. Plus, you are disciplined by the fact that the project will need to be put on public display.

    A similar technique for updating its technological stack allows for practical training on product development from scratch to prototype. It is almost impossible to do something like this within the framework of your duties at your usual workplace.

    Here you get not only the result, but also the training of attention and patience as part of the process itself and bringing the development to the end. This project does not have to become a new OS, which will destroy all competitors, but there should be practical sense in it.

    Developing on a completely new technology stack from scratch is a fundamental approach to self-learning that will help you diversify your routine to a great extent and allow you to rely on a more interesting career perspective.

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