"Snapchat" from e-commerce barely resisted the offer to sell Alibaba and Amazon for $ 10 billion

    Practice increasingly shows that not everything can be bought for money. Even when it comes to takeover of a startup by a large company.

    Snapchat at one time did not want to be sold to Facebook for $ 3 billion. Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy could earn $ 750 million each, but decided not to sell the company. Snapchat is a mobile messaging app with attached photos and videos.

    Apparently, a similar situation is brewing in the field of e-commerce. American ecommerce platform Wishhas been around for 5 years. The founders of this startup are even more difficult to defend their independence: last year, two buyers - Alibaba and Amazon - went to CEO SEO last year. They are among the largest online retailers in the world. These two retailers had to compete with each other in the process of negotiations with the leadership of Wish. After all, everyone wants to own the company alone.

    Thus, the expected transaction amount eventually rose to an indecently large - $ 10 billion. This amount was offered by Amazon. However, the CEO of the startup Peter Shulzhevsky, to put it mildly, is not in a hurry to answer. Does he expect Alibaba to offer even more?

    The proposed amount is more than three times the estimate of Wish. According to crunchbase, in June 2015, a startup raised $ 500 million from DST Globalin Round D. In total, the project raised about $ 600 million.

    Sources close to the situation claim retailers will not offer an amount above $ 10 billion. If so, then the head of Wish deliberately "went into denial."

    But Peter Shulzhevsky expects that he will be able to increase the gross sales of his ecommerce platform to $ 100 billion, writes Business Insider. This amount is one quarter of Walmart's revenue. If everything happens as Shulzhevsky intended, Wish will be able to get an estimate above $ 10 billion.

    According to various estimates, the company employs from 11 to 50 employees. Wish prices do not exceed $ 25. The retailer operates in Europe, the USA and China. Wish attracts users with its low prices. The platform is used by about 100 million people. The vast majority of them make purchases using mobile devices. About 100 thousand sellers work with Wish.

    According to a source close to the company, the main components of its success are effective customer acquisition through social networks and a “data-driven” approach.

    Are Alibaba and Amazon afraid of competition with Wish in some markets? Or do they see in the deal only an opportunity to expand the audience? In any case, by offering such large amounts, they confirm that the company has good prospects in the online trading market.

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