Beautiful Ads, or how it all happened. Start

    Hello Mega Community! Today (and always) we are going to talk about announcements, social networks, our observations, statistics, promotion methods and everything that surrounds any project at the beginning of its journey.
    But for starters, a bit of lyrics and background. So, let's begin.

    When a person realizes that his closest social circle is people who can call or write in person, are not able to satisfy his need (buy his apartment, car or shelter a homeless kitten found on the street), we switch to outsiders. How? We announce our initiative to sell, give or exchange. And it’s in our interests that as many audiences as possible see the ad. To do this, you need only one thing - to attract attention.

    Each of us had to advertise. At least once in a lifetime, but we all did it, right? When my beloved cat disappeared from our apartment, my parents turned gray in front of my tantrums. Later, I myself concluded that incessant children's tears are worse than a cat who regularly pisses in your shoes.

    And my parents pasted an announcement all over the area. A high school student, whose name I did not remember, found our cat in a neighboring yard, brought it to our house and handed it to me, which was swollen from tears. As she explained to my mom, an ad caught her attention. Do you know why?

    Previously, there were few, or rather, two, options for ads: either a white sheet of A4 format with printed text and a picture, or the same white sheet, only A5 format with a fringe cut out by hand to tear off. This is true for those who sell "in bulk" - potatoes in buckets, for example. Such advertisements attracted attention due to their location - at stops or at the entrance, where they looked at.

    There were also “creative” options - essentially the same, but the paper was acid pink or green, with the goal of catching the eye of every passerby. They sinned this, and even those who rent apartments still sin.

    But there was a third type of ads, truly unique, which with the advent of technology has sunk into oblivion. These are handwritten ads. Cool thing, real hand made! Sometimes you could see a truly calligraphic handwriting, offering you to buy valuable books or porcelain figurines. And the sheets? In the box, in the strip ... How interesting it was to read them! After all, a man tried, wrote out every letter!

    But the coolest ads, in my opinion, are ads written by children. Colored pencils or felt-tip pens, inaudible, but so sincere that a tear welling up when you read. “We lost the red cat, whose name is Musya, who has found a reward - let’s pet it!” Children are the coolest creatives, they are absolutely not interested in profit, they don’t have to sell, rent or sell anything to you. They just want to find her mother, their Musya.

    If you thought that I spent all day specially looking at bulletin boards or walking around the city, peering at the rectangles or squares of paper with phone numbers, then you are mistaken! I have been doing this instinctively for many years, because it is impossible to miss the ads on poles, fences, in the subway, minibuses, at the entrance or in the elevator - they are everywhere. Well, after WEB 2.0. from ads can’t hide at home, on the computer - the ubiquitous banners blink from each site.

    So the thought came to my mind: “Why can’t this be done beautifully, originally, brightly and even touchingly, like those kids who are looking for Muska?” The answer came quickly - why not, you can! And we sat down to think. So our project was born .
    To be honest, the service is only a couple of weeks old, and we understand that it is not perfect. But user feedback makes it clear that we are on the right track.

    Now there is an active process of work on the project, and therefore we are here - on Megamind. Criticism or encouragement from you, dear readers, is the best we can give ourselves at this stage. Well, and also because we swung to create such a concept as a new social (obj) phenomenon. See how we succeed - we will tell you honestly. We will share promotion methods that really helped us, lay out statistics, logs, screenshots, everything that the Megasociety loves so much. Our mobile application for the Droid and Axis will be released very soon, we will discuss these guys too! Share real experience.

    For those who scroll the text in search of useful information. Stop! Here she is.

    Useful Number One

    When creating custom services, sites and similar things, do not forget about your audience and current trends. Remember that a significant part of users (read to your audience) log into the network using mobile devices!

    If you did not think about the adaptive version, the mobile version, you lose, a huge amount of traffic and feedback can be extremely negative, because users simply can not see your offer and will never come back to you! By the way, we didn’t think! Therefore, to us so far only with a PC.

    Useful Number Two

    Make a workable product, try to wrap it beautifully and show the target audience. The first users themselves will say what they like and what not. And then comes the time for improvement - constantly, constantly improve. Weekly iterations are at their best! Paul Graham seemed to be talking about these things!

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