Pimp content marketing: 16 working methods. Part 1

    There are 16 types of content. Why does the majority simply write texts and do not think about their readers? Where is the imagination and the pursuit of diversity? Maybe you need some help? Look for her in this article.

    After looking at the impression history for the search phrase “content marketing”, the following situation is obtained:

    A growing trend that is definitely not going to decline.

    The absolute values ​​are as follows:

    Compared to the previous year, growth is obvious. He was especially sharp at the end of 2014.

    What is this talking about?

    This confirms that companies on the Russian-language Internet have finally begun to pay attention to this area of ​​Internet marketing.

    By the way, if the promotion of content marketing in our country began relatively recently, then abroad this topic has long been helping millions of companies build up their competitive advantages. They give their target audience cool content. The audience is happy to consume this content. She has confidence in the company and a willingness to pay for quality services.


    The company receives a loyal and solvent audience. Well, isn't that a fairy tale?

    So, having arisen in 2005, from 2011-2012 the number of search queries “Content marketing” has grown sharply from year to year. This trend will continue to grow. Undoubtedly.

    When I think about content marketing, I immediately think of Neil Patel and his articles on QuickSprout and a personal blog. For example, an article about optimizing promotion on social networks is a real treasure. A typical example of proper content marketing. Detailed descriptions with cases, pictures, tips. A few thousand words. More than 2.5 thousand shares on the Internet. Dozens of comments.

    You just sit down at this article, and start step by step to do what is written there. And at that moment you understand how cool and useful it is. Because you do not need to rummage all over Google in search of the necessary information. All of it is already passed through the mind and practice of a competent person. All of it is already assembled in one place. Just take it and do it.

    Looking back at the RuNet, the first thing that comes to mind when the word “content marketing” is Texterra.ru and their “pivot” on their own blog in the spring of 2015. "No passing and mediocre posts, only the most complete and high-quality content." The last post of September 17 speaks for itself. 30 minutes to read one very detailed article will replace you with many hours of transitions from one site to another in search of information.

    As far as I know, it was this company that was the first to promote content marketing in Runet as one of the Internet marketing services. And they do it very well.

    It was just an introduction. I just wanted those who still did not understand the value of content marketing to finally think about it.

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    In general, the main goal of the article is to help you choose the right types of content . I hope this helps to pump "content marketing" in your project.

    16 types of content

    Video content

    When reading, only about 20% of all information is remembered. When viewing video content - about 80%.

    About 65% of all people are visuals. They perceive visual information much better than dry text, especially if it is without pictures.

    Convincing facts?

    Video content is a great alternative to standard texts. You can do:
    - reviews of your products / services / projects.
    - instructions for using your products / services
    - viral advertising videos that will increase recognition
    - webinars
    - recordings of speeches at events
    - and more.

    Any kind of content can be easily integrated into the blog. Yes, in general, you can stick it anywhere in the site if you really want to.

    Special attention deserves a video interview with famous people who are popular in your field of activity. Firstly, such interviews often contain a lot of useful information, insiders for your audience. Secondly, as a rule, the person who is being interviewed shares this on his channel. And thanks to this, the reach of the audience is expanding, which before could know nothing about you at all.

    By the way, in addition to the fact that the videos give an influx of an audience that does not like to read, they are also very well ranked in search engines.

    Video content can then be easily converted to text format and podcasts. This further enhances the value of this type of content.

    Complete How-To Guides (How to)

    In my opinion, this is one of the best types of content.

    Imagine that the user has a question in the style of "How to ...". He scores it on Google. He is given 10 articles, he opens the first of them and finds a full answer to his question. That is what the correct guide in the "How to do" style should be.

    The standard structure of such an article is as follows - first the problem / question is raised, and then its solution is described step by step. People love articles of this format. Believe me. Everyone likes practical and understandable articles instead of “water” and theory.

    A good example is How to Build a WordPress Website: A Complete Guide for Beginners

    Something like this should look like a guide in the style of "How to ...". By the way, such manuals can also be made in video format. Here is an example -How to create an A / B test on the site using the Changeagain.me service Topic

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    Free eBooks

    Free e-books are one of the best ways to lead generation. For example, on the website Boosta.ru I offer a free e-book “A / B testing: from theory to practice” in exchange for a mailing address. And site visitors leave their mail. Because they see this as a value to themselves. And I give what they need. Typically, in such books, information is structured and consistent. This is very convenient, since a high-quality e-book eliminates the subsequent searches for additional information on Google.

    But the most important thing is that such books are very easy to make. You do not need to write everything from scratch. If you constantly keep a blog of your company and write on a specific topic, then you already have a huge amount of information you need. The only thing that remains to be done is to put everything together, organize and translate it into a PDF format.

    This can be done right in Word, collecting all the information first, and then save it as a PDF. Or, you can make a separate post in which you can copy the information from several articles at once, and then use the Chrome Print Friendly & PDF plugin to transfer the post to a PDF with one click.

    The cost of creating this type of content is minimal. Most often, this is just your time. And the result is very good.

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    Webinars do not quite refer to the types of content, but nevertheless this is another way of delivering information / communication with the target audience. And a very effective way.

    If you are well versed in your field, you have a lot of ready-made content and presentations, then you can easily conduct webinars once a week / month, communicate with the target audience, train and increase its loyalty (at the same time your image as an expert).

    Webinars allow you to very well diversify regular text articles and attract an additional audience, especially if you can get them well publicized.

    Many Western companies conduct webinars on their topics every week. Thanks to this, they generate leads and increase their expertise. Moreover, systematic work is very important here. If you want to start conducting webinars, then you need to make a plan in advance, choose the frequency and follow the chosen strategy. There can be very few people at the first webinar. But over time, with a consistent strategy, the number of listeners will definitely increase (of course, if you tell cool information).

    A good example of using this type of content can be seen at WebPromoExperts Academy of Internet Marketing. Each month, about 10 webinars on various topics on Internet marketing. On average, more than 100 people attend each webinar. By the way, once I spoke there and talked about A / B testing - 140 interested listeners gathered. You can see the entry here.

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    A completely uncommon kind of content in the Russian-speaking environment. Generally, a podcast is an audio recording. In fact, you can simply translate any text into a podcast by reading it onto the microphone. And this will already be a new kind of content that your readers can listen to while walking along the street or on the way to work. For someone, this option is more convenient than reading articles on the site.

    If you want to make something more unique and interesting, then the podcast can be in an interview format, as Taisiya Kudashkina from Websarafan does.. By the way, she was very successful in this regard. In each podcast, Taisia ​​talks to successful people about how they promote their business and how they live and work. A very interesting format, which, judging by the reviews, is pleasant to listeners. You can listen to these podcasts directly on the site or subscribe to iTunes and receive notifications of new episodes.

    I think that the success factors of this type of content on Websarafan are their quality and consistency (the podcast database is constantly updated).

    Won't that allow you to diversify your content marketing?

    In my opinion, this is a very interesting option. Personally, I still won’t get to it, although my hands itch ...

    By the way, here is a link to the podcast database from Websarafan. I think that it will be useful and interesting for you to listen.

    Reviews of the best articles in the industry

    Recently, on Boost, I launched a new section - an overview of the best Runet articles on Internet marketing (the first review can be viewed at this link ).

    It would seem that I just give my traffic to other sites that write good articles about the same topics as me. Many would not do this because of some kind of personal prejudice (it’s a pity to give traffic to competitors, supposedly)

    When I launched this section, I had one goal in my head - to give more benefit to my readers. Judging by the likes and reposts on Facebook, the number of views and clicks in the e-mail newsletter, they like it. And I will continue.

    If you constantly monitor what is happening in your market and know where there is quality content, then why not share it with site visitors? This type of content is of real value and reduces the time it takes to find and consume valuable information. The target audience will be grateful for this.

    By the way, ideally, this process can be optimized to such an extent that the authors of cool articles will send all the necessary information themselves, and you will only need to choose among it. But for this, of course, you need to have a large number of website visitors (so that the authors have an incentive to get into your reviews).

    Reviews of the best online and offline events on your subject

    Webinars and industry events are incredibly popular now. Every month, tens and hundreds of similar events are held in each area. People like to visit them. After all, you can pump your skills on them, learn “insights,” get to know your colleagues and just have a good time.

    But the search for these events sometimes takes a lot of time. Where to find them? Who holds good events? Which speakers provide cool information? I think that you, as an expert in your field, know all this.

    So why aren't you using this information as another kind of content? For example, monthly digests of the best online events or quarterly reviews of upcoming offline conferences on your subject?

    This is a great info feed. Moreover, such content differs well on social networks. Such posts gain a large number of likes and reposts, as well as reviews of the best articles.

    Of course, here you will give links to these events and actually “give” traffic to other companies, event organizers. But initially, after all, a person will come to your site. And it is on your site that he learns about it. And he will be grateful to you for this review.

    By the way, at the same time, no one canceled the various methods of collecting e-mail addresses of everyone who comes to your site to watch this review and go to an external page. With the correct use of pop-ups and subscription forms, you can convert from 2 to 10% of visitors into subscribers before they click on an external link.

    On Boost, I already launched this kind of content. In the E-mail newsletter 3 months ago. But this month I made a separate article on the site. Readers are satisfied. Here’s one piece of evidence from a Twitter follower:

    Service / Project Reviews

    This is one of the most viral types of content.

    Before I start talking about him, I have a question for you. Have you seen the post “300 Free Services for Business”?

    Everyone saw it. I am 100% sure. This post was in every group on social networks. This post has been published on many sites. Here are the results of the publication of this post on Habré:

    888,000 views. Try to find at least one more article on a hub or another site with so many views. It’s a pity that you can’t see how many reposts in social networks this article has on the hub. I am sure that in VK there are several tens of thousands of shares. I have personally subscribed to many groups and have seen this post everywhere.

    Why am I?

    Lists of services on your subject - this is a very powerful form of content. The vast majority of Internet users love them (although I am very skeptical about them if these are such empty reviews with names and one sentence in the description, but these are my pens)

    In any case, such reviews are useful if you give your target audience an already collected cool tool information. This saves them time. This allows you to get acquainted with all the necessary tools for the business. This is value, definitely.

    In addition, such articles always have numbers in the title. In our case, this is "300 free services." Headings with numbers tend to attract attention better. Accordingly, clickability is higher.

    Articles in the form of lists, reviews of services, as a rule, have more reposts. These articles are very simple and understandable to everyone. And everyone seeks to share them with friends in order to give them benefits (One of the most important factors when sharing content is the desire to help friends / colleagues). Related

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    Well, have you already decided which new type of content you will try first on your site? I hope you practice new types of materials.

    And in a week I will publish the second part of this article. In it you will learn about the content that users themselves generate, about life-style posts, cases, interviews, infographics, and several other equally interesting options.

    Prepared by Boosta.ru Blog and ProjectChangeagain.me

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