How to make money on Upwork?

  • Tutorial
This is another freelancer report from the app for beginners or doubters, some tips & tricks and a clear algorithm of actions for decent earnings on Upwork.

Report content
  1. How much can you earn?
  2. How to withdraw money?
  3. Taxes
  4. Competition
  5. Profile Filling
  6. Search for first orders for rating
  7. Analysis of an example announcement and application
  8. Time tracking
  9. Job Search Performance Analysis
  10. Dream job search

The report took place at the October meeting of Ufa programmers . Obviously, there are some misconceptions, so comments and corrections are welcome.

I ask you to subscribe to the channel who are interested in the subject / personality / manner of presentation. In the future I also plan a lot of videos on game training, programming and similar topics.

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Do you work for UpWork?

  • 23% Yes 77
  • 19.7% No and I do not plan 66
  • 57.1% Plan 191

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