Snapchat has learned to make money on video content and has increased the number of views by 3 times

    Snapchat is a mobile messaging app with attached photos and videos. Yesterday, on November 8, the company Snapchat announced a new victory in itself - views the video has tripled in comparison with the figures of May and reached 6 billion. However, in the future, the company plans to win not only over itself, but also over a major competitor.

    The social network Facebook is still ahead of Snapchat in this indicator. Since April, the social network has doubled the number of video views, which has now reached 8 billion a day.

    On the one hand, we can assume that Snapchat will overtake Facebook in the near future, as it grows faster. After all, back in September, the number of video views on Snapchat did not exceed 4 billion.

    On the other hand, doubts arise as to whether this contest is fair. Firstly, Facebook provides data based on the desktop and mobile audience, while Snapchat simply does not have a desktop audience. The company releases applications exclusively for mobile platforms. But secondly, the concept of “viewing” is not clearly defined. On Facebook, viewing is counted if the user has watched the video for at least 3 seconds. And Snapchat is enough and a few milliseconds. In this case, the competition becomes too formal.

    In general, Facebook videos are significantly longer than Snapchat videos. The former usually reach a minute or more, and the latter last a few seconds. For comparison, on YouTube, videos last on average several hours. Despite this, in the spring of this year, the number of daily views there amounted to 4 billion.

    As of October, Snapchat's annual revenue was estimated at $ 100 million.

    Recently, the company made several innovations in its application. Last month, she launched the Sponsored Lenses feature, which allows advertisers to place their brands against the backdrop of user selfies. In addition, the company proposedadvertisers to buy sponsorship channels on the Discover platform, where exclusively the advertising content of a particular brand will be displayed.

    Online video advertising monetization is the most popular direction in the online advertising segment. According to forecasts of eMarketer, this year this direction will bring about $ 7.7 billion, which is 33.8% more than last year. By 2019, this amount will grow to $ 14.4 billion, experts say eMarketer.

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