5 useful tips for a businessman, or From a startup to an “adult” company

Original author: Grant Cardone
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Listen to me, it doesn’t matter at all whether you are excited and happy to work on your new startup or start to lose your temper due to objections, conflict, lost income or an unsuccessful business plan. In reality, you cannot develop your startup into a full-fledged stable company without urgent work, using your haters for your own good, constant concentration and nurturing your own business.

If you really want your startup to be successful, then you need to crave success, and your thirst must be unquenchable. The worst thing you can do is try to stifle your dreams that you want something grand. Do not do this, because by suppressing something in yourself you are demotivating yourself. Let this desire for success grow.

Startups are now popular and the “Startups Activity Index rose in 2015, reversing the trend that appeared in 2010 in the middle of the Great Recession.” The sad truth is that too many entrepreneurs dragged on with the “startup regime” longer than they should. Leaving your business in startup mode, you yourself press the brake.

As long as you continue to repeat to people that your company is “just a startup,” you will never take the important big steps that are necessary for significant development.

Time to move from a startup to an “adult” company and from planning to implementation. You must ensure that in a couple of years you can remember the start-up phase of your company as an important milestone in the history of your thriving business. And then you can say: “I remember how I myself packed the goods on the floor in the living room. Now my company has over 100 employees. ” This is the thinking you must achieve, and here are five ways you can do it:

1. Hire class employees by transferring some of your work to them.When you are in the startup phase, you are trying to cope with everything alone. In order for your business to grow, you need to start investing in those people who can solve those problems that you can no longer cope with. Three quarters of small companies do not hire employees, which is confirmed by the fact that people do not want to transfer their responsibilities to others, doubting the quality and level of their work. Think, you need to expand your business in order to become and remain successful. It is wrong to assume that people are expensive, because a simple production and a halt in the development of your business will cost more - and much more.

2. Choose battlefields.You should not spend weeks thinking about the color of the logo when it really is not important. Your brand will evolve with your business, so the logo is likely to change. There are many other more important things to really do, such as attracting customers and making money. You are in pursuit of great prey, so do not count the raven.

3. Make your haters love you.The biggest challenge every startup faces is getting fame in their industry. Your most important task is to draw attention to yourself, your idea and company. This will open the way for every penny that will replenish your budget. Muhammad Ali told the world that he was unsurpassed, long before anyone knew about him. He infuriated people and attracted their attention: his name became known in every house, he became omnipresent. But when he proved his worth, criticism and hatred turned into international admiration. Attract attention to yourself. Get haters. And then turn them into fans.

4. Know how to show yourself in the best light.Instead of saying, “I have a small web design company,” say better: “My web design company is incomparable with others. We guarantee that your sales will increase. ” Notice the difference? The first statement makes your business small and insignificant, easy to ignore. It does not say anything and does not catch anything. The second one says that you are confident in your business, your offer is unique and you are able to make money. Know how it is profitable to introduce yourself and your business, be prepared to quickly explain what your company is doing, and be able to convince people that it is better and faster than others, and is of value to the market. And then loudly announce it to the whole world. Do not hesitate - you will not be forgotten.

5. Create timelines for business development.If you start your own enterprise without setting clear timelines for actions and achievements, you risk forever getting stuck in the abyss of excuses and joining 90% of startups that fail. One of my biggest mistakes in business is that I acted without the necessary rush. An entrepreneur's activity is a marathon with a huge number of sprint segments, and if you win a lot of small races, this will be an impetus for your people and company. When we shot our television shows, in my office I told the staff that I wanted to get the pre-installation twice as fast as they thought was necessary. Every day I closely watched their progress and updates. Such pressure does not lead to a decline in product quality, it leads to that the product will be ready months before the deadline. Haste is the key to successful completion.

Remember: your vision will not develop if you stay in startup mode. Time to grow, become known in the market that interests you, and begin to take away the market from other, more established, players. It used to be that the giants devoured those who had not yet managed to grow. Now the fast are devouring the slow.

Be Great,
Grant Cardone

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