What is Mentorship: The Path from Padawan to the Jedi

    When working with a mentor, you are turning to someone who has already gone through something that you only have to face on your road to achieve your goal. Often our endeavors are associated with something new and unknown to us. We do not know how to take the first step, we are afraid of the unknown and often a complete lack of knowledge in the field that we are opening for ourselves. Whether it's learning foreign languages, starting your own business, playing sports, self-improvement, or something else.

    In the articles of our blogWe have repeatedly mentioned that our service is actively developing a mentoring system and offers many different training programs with a trainer or mentor. In their comments, users often expressed interest in the mechanisms of the service, so in today's article we will tell you about our mentoring courses, their structure, requirements and features.

    Currently, business mentoring, coaching and various seminars designed to help achieve their goals are becoming a new trend - and for good reason. Yes, now the shelves of shops are full of a huge amount of literature aimed at illuminating a person’s path to his goals. This option may seem quite suitable for pumping skills and pulling up motivation. But in any case, the book excludes the possibility of dialogue, while working with a mentor involves communication not only with the teacher himself, but also with people who work with you.

    So, let's take a look at the benefits of having a tutorial.


    Mentors are just those people who are willing to share their own experience and are happy to help others, and they should be consulted in areas of interest to you. Indeed, far from always friends and relatives are able to share valuable information and give really useful advice. What could be better than the opinion of a professional?

    A New Look

    A mentor can outline such facets of questions and situations that you are interested in that you have not previously thought about, help look at them from a different perspective, and point out alternative solutions.

    New knowledge

    By participating in mentoring programs or working with an individual mentor, you can learn a lot. Moreover, this will be exactly the knowledge that will help you on the battlefield. As a rule, mentoring courses do not last long, so you will receive a kind of concentrate of the most important information. In addition to everything that can be found in books and on the wide expanses of the worldwide information network, mentors can share curious facts and their own experience, as well as useful life hacks that will facilitate your path to achieving your goals. Mentors will tell you about the most effective methods and strategies that help you realize your plans and solve problems that may stand in your way to your dream.

    New people

    Often, various trainings and group mentoring programs involve not only meeting and working with a mentor, but also communication with like-minded people, regardless of whether your course is online or you can meet them in person at seminars. For many people, acquaintance with people who set the same goals and make efforts to achieve them can be not only a useful experience, an opportunity to strengthen social ties in areas of interest to you, share knowledge, but it will also be the outlet they have been looking for a long time. Communicating with people who have similar interests with you, you can find new friends and associates, and maybe business partners.

    Social connections

    As a rule, along with the vast experience and knowledge of the mentor, you can also access some contacts from his address book. We are all human beings, and relations in modern society (as always, in general) decide everything. Mentors can tell you which doors are worth knocking on and who you should turn to. They can recommend you to potential partners or investors, tell about the best trainers and teachers in their opinion, and much more. The wider the network of your social connections, the more chances you have to solve certain problems or to implement certain initiatives, which means that the likelihood that you will succeed increases. If you manage to establish yourself well in front of your mentor, then it is possible that in the future he will contribute to your development, and in the case of business mentoring,

    Confidence and encouragement

    Often the road to the stars runs through thorns, and our goals may seem unattainable to us. We all face difficulties that sometimes make us think about giving up our hopes. And so we need motivation - so that we do not forget what we dreamed about when we started our journey to the goal. Nothing motivates as their own positive results and people. And the energy of the group with which you are engaged can charge you with optimism and self-confidence. After all, it is better to fight troubles and overthrow obstacles not alone, but in a team with an experienced fighter, who is a mentor and brothers in arms (people who dream of achieving the same thing as you). It is likely that they will help you discern the simple fact that your problems are a pattern that many people encounter. And the mentor will point out ways to solve them.

    How Mentoring Programs Work on SmartProgress

    For the role of mentors, we invite professional, proven coaches, business trainers and teachers. The subjects of the courses are very different - from teaching foreign languages ​​and web development to methods for effectively achieving your goals and business training. As part of the service, we provide both paid and free programs . As a rule, each course is preceded by a webinar or flash mob and a free trial period, which will help you understand whether the training you have chosen is suitable for you.

    All programs have a description., compiled by the mentor himself, from which you can not only learn about the details and goals of the course, but also understand who your teacher is and what successes he achieved in the field of interest to you. Mandatory fields indicate for whom the program is intended and what it will give to the participants.

    After payment, the user receives a notification with an invitation to join a closed group. Then he creates for himself a list of goals that he intends to achieve as part of the course. During the passage of the program, each participant is obliged to keep a diary of the implementation of goals, in which he must publish reports. For failure to comply with this requirement, each teacher implies various “fines”, as a rule this is dropping out of the group.

    Such a policy at first glance may seem rather tough, but it is also a very effective tool to increase motivation: the money for the course is paid, and the person tries to keep up with the program so as not to lose hours of training due to his own laziness (no matter what form she wears - chronic lack of time or fatigue). The received reports are then reviewed by the mentor, he makes comments, gives his advice and recommendations.

    During the program, participants also receive homework, meet like-minded people, participate in discussions and share experiences in the community. A close-knit community of people with common goals is what we consider to be one of the main advantages of SmartProgress.. It is likely that among them you will find business partners and brothers in spirit, and achieving goals cohesively is much easier than alone. Come to our light and get acquainted with the programs we offer, it is likely that some of them can change your life for the better and make you believe in yourself. We are constantly developing a database of courses and mentors, so in the near future we will be ready to boast of fresh content.


    That's all. I sincerely hope that my article helped you understand what mentoring is and what it is eaten with, as well as how this product is useful. I would like to add that I had to deal with a coach and participate in various trainings, and it was a wonderful experience. After the first lesson with a mentor, I received such a charge of positive and faith in my own strength that I was ready to roll mountains. He helped me sort things out, look at some aspects of my business in a new way, pointed out to me those important nuances that I had not noticed before. The most important thing: together with him we managed to get to the bottom of what exactly are the difficulties associated with my own business and solve them - and, as a rule, this is not a lack of funding, but those devils and fears that are deeply rooted in us, and masquerade as something else.

    If you can share your own experience with mentors, trainers, business mentors and coaches, then please leave your comments - it will be interesting to hear your opinion.

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