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If you can be 100% sure of life, then that people will do absolutely everything for the sake of a free T-shirt.

Anywhere - at a football match, at a party in a club or in the university assembly hall - people lose their heads from the opportunity to get their hands on an oversized piece of cotton.

But a freebie is not just a pleasure for the consumer. This is a gold mine for a marketer. Each free nishtyak gives you one more chance that the representative of the target audience will remember your brand and will constantly remind you of your friends, each time you put on this T-shirt or take out a free pen.

Following this tradition, the freemium model is brilliantly suitable for IT companies to increase recognition and an avalanche-like increase in the customer base. In this article you will learn how freemium can influence a business and you will find 11 examples of successful implementation that you want to buy.

Why make a free rate

The magic of this model lies in the possibility of an avalanche-like development of a business through outreach activities.

In October 2014, Slack , a tool for instant team communication, became one of the fastest growing business applications of all time. The growth of daily active users doubled in three months, to 500 thousand, and an estimate of $ 1.12 billion Slack owes word of mouth. Bill Macaitis, marketing director, calls this concept “customer-referral-growth”.

“We don’t care when they make their first purchase. We care when they recommend us, ”explains Makaitis at the HubSpot's The Growth Show.

Instead of selling directly, the team seeks to create a product that will make users happy. So much so that they feel they should recommend it. Or even pay.

Offering a freemium version, as in Slack, you get an easy way to get people to try your product and pull it to their side .

Gaining experience in using and evaluating the advantages of your product without the risk of losing anything (and this is important!), They are already with one foot on your side, and you have contact information.

Then to grow a contact into a paying customer or simply shocked by the coolness of your project, a fan who recommends it to everyone. Like a slack.

In general, if you inculcate in users love and dependence on your freemium product, they are likely to pay to get more. And most importantly - they will take on the responsibility to disseminate information among their circle of friends.

It’s not for me to explain to you how word of mouth works.

Examples of successful implementations of free tariffs

The various Freemium offers today are unimaginable. We have collected here 11 services that delight the user, which should be equal to everything else.

1. Wistia

Allows users to upload up to 25 videos in HD, with no size limit. If you are just starting to study video marketing, and do not mind Wistia copyright (which is required for the freemium version), then the service is well suited for small businesses, as It offers a wide range of embedding and distribution options, and even simple analytics.

2. MailChimp

If your mailing list has less than 2000 contacts, Mailchimp is what you need! In freemium-tariff you can send up to 12000 letters per month and use Mailchimp integration for Facebook and WordPress to expand the base.

3. SoundCloud

Today SoundCloud is known as a favorite place for beginner DJs, artists and musicians, as well as a useful platform for hosting podcasts and other audio content. Freemium-tariff allows you to download a total of up to 3 hours of audio and allows you to download each track up to 100 times.

4. Yandex.Disk

Allows you to store up to 10 gigabytes of files in the cloud storage. For older Yandex users, the limit periodically expands. In addition, you can get a seat for free simply by inviting friends to Yandex.Disk (up to 10 gigabytes, 512 megabytes for each referral).

5. Evernote

A basic Evernote account allows you to create an unlimited number of notes and upload up to 60 megabytes of content monthly, as well as remotely interact with other users.

Offline access to notes is available only through a desktop PC, but even so, this freemium product is an extremely useful tool for sharing notes, making decisions and drawing up official documents.

6. Optimizely

A powerful tool for A / B testing. A free plan allows you to test various functions of your site (on one domain) or mobile applications to determine which option will provide the most clicks and conversions.

If you are not using HubSpot Enterprise, and you have never checked the content of your site, buttons, etc., Optimizely's freemium is an invaluable alternative.

7. SurveyMonkey

With SurveyMonkey's basic plan, you can create a survey up to 10 points long and collect up to 100 responses. If you collect feedback from clients of your business and conduct surveys - this is a simple and effective option, and also very convenient for small businesses.

8. Skype

The free Skype tariff allows you to chat one-on-one or in a group of up to 25 people via text messages, video or voice calls with any user in the world. For international or travel companies, this is an easy-to-use and reliable option to support a face-to-face relationship.

9. Hootsuite

For small and medium-sized businesses that are just getting started with social media, the free Hootsuite plan is a great starting point. With it, you can plan and track posts simultaneously for three profiles on three different platforms. In addition, it allows you to work with two RSS feeds and view simple metrics to measure effectiveness.

10. Join.Me

The free Join.Me tariff allows you to instantly exchange computer screens with a colleague, create desktops, and also allows you to make voice calls online, which makes cooperation with remote colleagues or international clients quick and easy.

Of course, within the framework of this article, we could not help but recall our free tariff:

11. RedConnect

Callback for a small site is a luxury. The free RedConnect plan allows you to receive up to 1000 callbacks from customers each month. The downside is that the client and the operator do not connect in one line, the call comes only to the company employee. The main thing is the substitution of numbers. The operator on the screen of his phone sees the visitor’s number, and can call the client back in one motion. A great option for a beginner online store.

Author: Ramona Sukhraj

Translation and Adaptation: RedHelper

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