Streaming services want to "go out" on podcasts: the race has already begun

    A distinctive feature of any business person is the ability to filter information and consume high-quality and useful content, the main task of which is to feed ideas and inspiration.

    Listening to podcasts is a great addition to the daily dose of ideas and simply useful information needed by any person engaged in meaningful creative activity, they wrote in one thematic blog .

    Among the popular podcast services can be distinguished such as iTunes and Soundcloud for example, or the Russian service PodFM . Until recently, iTunes has held a leading position due to the huge base of podcasts, due to the popularity of the iPhone, iPod, the rapid take-off.Apple Music and the large Apple ecosystem as a whole.

    However, now some streaming services are trying to turn the tide.

    Google on October 27 announced support for podcasts, which after a while will appear in the music service Google Play Music . At the moment, this section of the service is just beginning to fill up and is not yet available to listeners.

    Google has agreed to collaborate with more than a dozen popular podcasters and show providers. Podcasts from the USA have already got the opportunity to independently download their podcasts at .

    The exact launch date for the podcast section for ordinary listeners has not yet been announced. But the company promises to provide additional details in the "coming months." Google’s ambitions, as always, are great - the company has made it clear that it will fight with Apple for a user audience.

    Another streaming service - Deezer - took a serious step towards podcasting back in 2014. Then he acquired Stitcher , a radio podcast company . Since then, the number of Deezer podcasts has increased to 20,000. And last Thursday, October 29, 2015, service representatives announced that Deezer had another 20,000 podcasts.

    The service operates in over 180 countries and offers podcasts in different languages. Deezer has podcast deals with NPR, Financial Times, Panoply, WNYC, This American Life, and CBS Radio News. TalkSPORT, Bayerischer Rundfunk, France 24 and Braincast will now be added to the list of partners. The service is launched in five new markets - in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

    Yesterday, October 30, Deezer was supposed to start a public offering on the Paris Euronext Exchange. But three days before the appointed deadline, the company abandoned its intentions.

    Earlier, on October 15, Deezer confirmed that it intends to enter an IPO. The company's management planned to sell more than 8 million shares. It was estimated that with the help of IPO Deezer will be able to earn approximately 330-414 million dollars. The company planned an IPO, despite major financial losses, which over the past 3.5 years amounted to 87 million euros.

    According to the company’s representative, the refusal to enter the exchange is nevertheless connected with difficult “market conditions”. But, abandoning the IPO, Deezer continues to develop in accordance with its strategy, he added.

    Unfortunately, Deezer does not disclose the details of the strategy and does not explain how the service will reduce its losses. It is also not reported how Deezer will fight for its audience with competitors, whether it will win the audience from Apple.

    True, how Google will conquer it is also not yet known.

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