How professionals work. Alexey Lankin, HotelTonight Director for Eastern Europe

    The column “How Professionals Work” continues to acquaint readers of Megamind with the working habits of various specialists in the IT market.

    Alexey Lankin heads the HotelTonight Eastern Europe office , previously served as the regional director of Groupon Russia and director of development of the travel operator Travel MC. He is fond of triathlon.

    Current location:
    Berlin (Mitte), Germany

    Current employment:
    HotelTonight, Country Manager Eastern Europe

    HSE, Master of Political Science

    One word that best describes how you work:

    How many hours do you work?
    12 hours. 4 hours for training and rest, and 8 for sleep.

    Current mobile device:
    iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5

    Current computer:
    MacBook Air

    Without which applications, programs, utilities you can not live?
    WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger / Telegram, Freeletics, Lifesum, CoinKeeper, Meduza, Sports.Ru, Gett, HotelTonight

    What kind of life hack helps you save time?
    The most important task of the day to solve in the morning first thing. Planning and attention to detail.

    Which to-do manager do you use?
    Notebook and pen + 2Do

    What do you listen to when you work?
    The rustling of the convolutions of the brain. I don’t listen to music when I work or when I play sports - I try to focus on business and hear myself and colleagues.

    What are you reading now?
    “The entire Kremlin army”, Mikhail Zygar (more precisely, read in a couple of nights).

    Which book of the last read was the most memorable?

    Do you use electronic readers or prefer paper books?
    50/50, but without Bookmate, I’m not imagining life for myself, although I could not categorically read it on devices before.

    How much time do you sleep?
    8 hours, no less and no more. I do not believe that you can live normally if you sleep for 4 hours for a long time, as many say.

    Are you an owl or an early bird?
    An early bird who likes to sleep.

    How do you have breakfast?
    Sitting. I don’t have a snack on the run

    How do you spend time on the way to work / from work?
    I go down the stairs from the fifth floor, go out into the courtyard, go into the office - it takes a minute to go all the way. I plan and think a lot during long trainings.

    What advice have you ever been given you can pass on to others?
    “If you want to say or do something, first count to ten.”

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