You are being watched or personalized site statistics

    I develop Internet projects and, from time to time, analyze companies offering similar services. Not that it was an analysis of competitors, but rather an analysis of this niche.

    Once again, having looked at several websites of web studios, I get a VK message from the manager of one of them.
    I was wondering how they found me - I did not leave my data.
    Next, the following dialogue took place.

    I was wondering what kind of service it is and how it works. Google helped here -
    It turns out that by setting the code for this service on your website, you can see: name, surname, phone number, referral source, photo, number of visits, interests.
    There is no question of any anonymity. Again, the VK pages are in the public domain.
    What can I say about the protection of personal data and personal life in general? Do not post information about yourself on social networks.

    And imagine, the manager has the brains to call you, they say you came to our site ...

    Personally, I only had an unpleasant feeling from this method of attracting customers. I thought that nothing could annoy more than the modules of online consultants and pop-ups "You are already 28 seconds on the site ....". It turns out, maybe!

    It is very interesting to know your opinion on this matter.

    ps The article is not advertising, I’m really interested in your opinion, because I come across a similar service for the first time.

    The comments suggested that this thing is called clickjacking.
    I found a couple of articles on the Habré about this:Legal Clickjacking VKontakte and Follow us or clickjacking for business

    UPD 2
    And from a legal point of view, what does it look like? It reminds me of an SMS newsletter that I did not subscribe to.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Would you like to be offered services by tracking your VK page?

    • 4% yes 5
    • 95.9% No 117

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