Low tariffs helped Tele2 get 21 thousand subscribers on the first day of work

    And this is despite the fact that the company had quite significant technical problems on the first day of operation: the software platform used by network operators to connect new subscribers was temporarily disconnected. As a result, some customers had to fix manually, writing on sheets of paper. Interestingly, the share of such subscribers has not yet been calculated, so the number of new customers may be greater than 21 thousand.

    According to Konstantin Prokshino, representative for Tele2, the majority of subscribers are connected via mono-brand showrooms, reports "Interfax". Now in the capital and the region there are about 400 salons of the company. In addition, Tele2 contracts are sold at 10 thousand partner locations, including companies such as Euroset, Svyaznoy, Russian Post, and Pyaterochka retailer.

    Before launching its network, the operator collected about 30 thousand connection orders. As already reported , the tariffs of the operator are 25-50% cheaper than the tariff plans of competitors.

    As for the Tele2 network, it now includes about 5 thousand base stations (3G standard) and 2 thousand stations of the LTE standard. Networks operate at frequencies of 800 MHz, 2.1 GHz and 2.6 GHz. Rossvyaz allocated about 7.5 million numbers with the code 977

    to the company. Until the end of 2016, the company plans to completely cover the region with a network. Among other locations where it is planned to provide coverage are Moscow metro stations. Now Tele2 is already working at the Troparevo, Belorusskaya, Kotelniki, Zyablikovo and Delovoy Tsentr stations.

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