The Federation Council forces a government decree on the software registry, threatening a showdown with the “state leader”

    The government apparatus has not yet completed the consideration of the project of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Communications on the support of Russian software developers. The Federation Council intends to accelerate this process.

    In mid-summer, the president signed a law supporting domestic programmers. Starting January 1, 2016, the state customer will have to argue its choice in favor of foreign software if its Russian counterparts are in a specially created register of domestic software. The law so far affects only state bodies. The government should have issued an appropriate regulation governing the maintenance of the register.

    The Ministry of Communications in late February posted a corresponding draft on the portal for public discussion of regulatory acts. According to the project, the state customer will be able to purchase foreign software if the register does not contain the necessary domestic programs or if they are, but do not fit the technical specifications (the state customer must explain which ones).

    In addition, it will be possible to purchase foreign software if information about such software or purchase is state secrets. The Ministry submitted the document to the government with disagreements - the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Antimonopoly Service had claims to the document.

    On May 25 this year, State Duma deputies also adopted in the first reading a bill on preferences for Russian programmers, proposed by the committee on information policy, headed by Leonid Levin. And almost a month later, the law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    The secretary of the Commission for the Development of the Information Society of the Council of the Federation Alexander Shepilov calls the register of domestic software the main regulatory tool, without it the law will not be executed. According to him, the prototype of the registry is already at the disposal of the association "domestic software" , but he does not have legal status, transmit "Vedomosti".

    According to Shepilov, now the decision is delayed in the government apparatus. Despite the fact that the necessary meetings were held at the profile deputy prime minister and the draft resolution was approved by the concerned ministries, the project is not “moving”.

    Since the Federation Council voted for the law, senators want to be sure that its enforcement will be without fail, Shepilov explains. According to him, the senators expected the signing of the document by October. According to the rules, after the adoption of the decision, it is necessary at least two months for the registry to appear and start working. Shepilov hopes that the document will be sent for signing to the Prime Minister no later than early November.

    “If this does not happen, we are ready to bring the problem to the level of the chairman of the Federation Council, or personally the chairman of the government, or even the leader of the state,” Shepilov warns.

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