A few tips from Rocket Fuel Marketing Director


    Rocket Fuel, which regularly speaks at Adtech conferences, ranks 15th in the list of Deloitte's 500 fastest growing US technology companies. The lion's share of the company's success lies in the fact that it is an innovator in the field of advertising procurement programmatic. Rocket Fuel Marketing Director Eric Porres identifies 6 ways to achieve the right programmatic solution.

    Before you start working with a particular partner in programmatic purchases, you need to keep the following points in mind:

    Keep your data in one place.
    It's time to think about expanding your areas of influence on all marketing and media channels. Today, any company is a big data company. Therefore, it is better to have a single database in which information about all campaigns will be stored. Marketers should be able to work with data from the inside and outside, influence data integration and observe overall media activity.

    This is more than a refund on advertising costs .
    This is not 2009, and this means that the programmer is no longer just a means of effective investment in advertising. Today, marketers need to talk about their brand, providing the full effect of presence, which means transmitting the right message to the right consumer in the right place at the right time and with the right frequency through the right channel - through the most efficient inventory.

    But a refund is still important.
    Marketers are very important to know and understand criteria such as transparency, access to data, and an attractive user interface. In the end, good returns usually lead to goals and plans for the future.

    Be thoughtful.
    Marketers need to analyze their needs and capabilities. Depending on the level of media costs, the amount of data, and the degree of automation of the processes, huge costs for inefficient advertising can be reduced. A sufficient depth of integration with programmatic purchasing partners will optimize processes, reducing both time and money.

    Be sure that the interests of the partner are taken into account.
    The world of programming is complex. Just like in a rock climbing guide in an unfamiliar place, experience and attention to proven success is a tremendous value. If the supplier has a good reputation, most likely you will also succeed.

    Ask yourself if you are ready to bring the programmer into your home.
    The degree of integration may require changes to some processes and systems - this is not easy. It is important to understand that working with the programmatic platform is a complex project, and it will require a lot of resources and efforts. Pay particular attention to those partners who provide a clear list of the necessary resources to work with them. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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