Domestic business goes to AliExpress

    Photo: Lori

    Russian retailers have the opportunity to sell their products to buyers on AliExpress. According to experts, this opens up access to 24 million new buyers for sellers, writes RBC. By the way, AliExpress is the most popular online retailer in Russia.

    Until recently, goods from Chinese companies were mainly sold on this resource, and now Russian companies, including resellers of international brands, were able to trade on AliExpress. The cooperation between the Chinese platform and domestic business began on November 11, the day that received the name "World Shopping Festival 11.11." Last November, on November 11, Alibaba (AliExpress is part of this holding) sold $ 9.23 billion worth of goods. The total number of orders placed on that day is 286 million.

    The goods of Russian companies will not be placed on the main site, but on the subproject “AliExpress Mall”. “We want to attract a new, more“ expensive ”audience, which until now, for some reason, was not reached,” said AliExpress Business Development Director in Russia and (RU) CEO Mark Zavadsky. According to him, goods from approximately 20 Russian companies will be presented on the Chinese resource, including Wikimart, Tekhnosila, 220 Volt stores, and official resellers of world brands in Russia - Redmond, L'Oreal, Baon.

    So far, work on connecting domestic companies to the service is being carried out in “manual mode”, but in the near future full automation of this process is also possible. “When choosing partners, we focused on those categories of goods that are in great demand in Russia, and also highlighted those Russian brands and companies that manufacture their products in Russia,” Zavadsky comments.

    Russian sellers will pay 5% commission on each product sold, and the retailer will pay for the target action, which is the paid and delivered order.

    The site itself is a great chance for domestic companies to reach new customers. So, in 2014, AliExpress accounted for 55% of all orders in foreign online stores.

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