Results of a study in which MasterCard analyzed about 1.6 million online consumer dialogs

    “Demand from customers around the world has changed,” MasterCard said on the eve of the annual World Retail Congress. “Retailers are under pressure from customers who demand simpler and more innovative payment methods.”

    Together with PRIME Research, MasterCard analyzed about 1.6 million online consumer dialogues in 61 markets to learn more about their customer experience over the past 12 months. The base of the research is comments and discussions of buyers on social networks, forums and specialized sites, that is, real consumer reviews in the public domain online. The results of this study were translated and adapted by the authors of the system for accepting PayOnline payments .

    An international survey revealed some trends in the shopping world that are designed to help retailers better understand their audience. The key results of the study showed that there is a gap between the expectations of sellers and buyers, the essence of which is the lack of new rich experience that would allow consumers around the world to make purchases “at the speed of life”.

    The main results of the MasterCard study:

    • Convenience through technological innovation. The convenience of the service turned out to be the most discussed aspect of the new digital payment methods in the field of electronic commerce, especially in the field of tourism. Consumers emphasized that they would not want to take a wallet with them every time they travel, but would rather be able to use mobile payments.
    • Reward. Bonuses and special offers for buyers have become the most noisy topic on social media when it comes to shopping and retail. When discussing awards and bonuses, the entertainment sector was mentioned most often. Consumers expressed the opinion that special offers and discounts stimulate them to pay using NFC technology.
    • Wide use. In addition to bonuses and special offers, consumers discussed which retailers accept and do not accept the latest forms of payments. Buyers talked about how important it was for retailers to integrate new payment systems, in which case the fashion market was most often mentioned. Fashion sector shoppers enthusiastically talked about retailers who accepted new payment methods, such as contactless and mobile payments.

    In addition, it was revealed that Twitter is the most frequently used social network for discussing shopping and retail.



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