AMD has received a quarterly loss of $ 158 million

    Photo: Aurich Lawson / Thinkstock

    AMD published a quarterly financial report according to which the company remains unprofitable. So, AMD's operating losses for the third quarter of this year amounted to $ 158 million, writes Arstechnica. Last quarter, this figure did not exceed $ 137 million. The third quarter of last year was profitable for AMD.

    True, according to AMD CEO Lisa Su, quarterly revenue in the main areas of the company is growing. For example, a growth of 12% was recorded for such a direction as Computing and Graphics.

    At the same time, compared with last year, revenue in this area decreased by almost 50%. According to company representatives, sales of ordinary processors are now declining year on year, but demand for graphics cards and desktop processors is growing in quarterly terms.

    Performance is also rising for the corporate unit. Here, growth was 13%, or $ 637 million in monetary terms. According to the management, now the company receives about 40% of all revenue from the sale of classic AMD products.

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