How much do YouTube stars earn? Forbes Young Millionaires

    Photo: Forbes Forbes

    reporters ranked the most popular YouTube video bloggers using blogger revenue for the year as a criterion. The rating turned out to be quite interesting, although there are practically no surprises. Most of the participants in the rating are under 30 years of age, the majority of the income consists of advertising revenue, sponsors and media advertising. There are direct payments if a blogger advertises a product or service in his video.

    In the first place is Pewdiepie , with his video reviews of the passing game. The gamer has already earned $ 12 million this year.

    Another gamer, KSI , earned $ 4.5 million. Despite the fact that video gamers make good money, there are representatives from other areas among the leaders.

    Comedians Smoshand Fine Brothers earned $ 8.5 million each.

    Dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling earned about $ 6 million this year.

    Michelle Phan may not be as active as before, but still managed to get $ 3 million this year.

    Rosanna Pansino completes the rating with an income of $ 2.5 million. The girl is engaged in cooking, and shows her recipes with a demonstration of cooking to viewers on YouTube, and the audience of a self-taught chef is gradually expanding.

    The YouTube service was launched about 10 years ago, and its main mission was positioned as “quick and easy access to video, with the ability to upload your own video content”. Now we can also add the opportunity for young talents to receive millions of dollars.

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