For the three quarters of 2015, the global venture capital market grew faster than for the entire 2014

    Consulting company KPMG and CB Insights conducted a global study of the venture capital market. In the first three quarters of 2015, venture capital investments in the world exceeded the volume of investments for the entire 2014 and amounted to $ 98.4 billion. In the III quarter of 2015, the global venture capital market grew by 82.5% (up to $ 37.6 billion) compared to the same period of 2014. However, the number of venture capital transactions, by contrast, decreased by 9% from 1977 to 1799.

    Source: KPMG and CB Insights

    According to the report, more than half of global transactions were in the United States. In the first three quarters of 2015, the US venture capital market amounted to $ 57.9 billion, which exceeds the 2014 results - $ 56.5 billion.

    In Q3, KPMG analysts counted 37 large rounds of investment, each of which exceeds $ 100 million. The largest investments in Q3 2015 were attracted by Uber mobile taxi service , which received $ 2 billion, and its Chinese competitor Didi Kuaidi with investments of $ 3 billion.

    In addition to Uber in America, over the past three months, Social Finance student loan platform ($ 1 billion), Palantir big data analysis service ($ 450 million) and Avant online loan service ($ 325 million) received large investments .

    A year ago, according to the results of the III quarter of 2014, European startups received $ 2.2 billion of investment, and Asian startups more than doubled - $ 4.8 billion. In the III quarter of 2015, venture investors invested almost 4 times more money in Asian companies than in European ones - $ 13.5 billion against $ 3.6 billion.

    In addition to Didi Kuaidi in Asia, the largest deals were the attraction of $ 630 million by, the Chinese online food ordering service, and the investment in One97 ($ 680 million) in India . In Europe, the biotech startup Immunocore (cancer diagnosis) received an investment of $ 320 million, and the BlaBlaCar travel search service attracted $ 200 million .

    The British market occupies about 29% of the European market, and venture activity there is high compared to other countries. However, it has been declining for the second quarter in a row and is at its lowest level in the last five quarters.
    But analysts note the rapid growth of the venture capital market in China. Over the year, the total amount of transactions increased by almost 400% - from $ 2.3 billion to $ 9.6 billion.

    According to the results of Q3 2015, about half (49%) of the total number of transactions falls on the Internet segment, telecommunications and mobile applications - 18%, health startups occupy 12% of the market, 6% of investments were directed to software, not related to the internet and the mobile segment, and 3% have taken consumer services and services that convey "Vedomosti"

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