Pros and cons of recruiting subscribers to their email databases using mutual PR

    Before almost any online business, a fairly common problem is the promotion of their product. Especially if the budget for promotion is limited, or even completely absent. Including in such situations, you can help out a tool for quick and effective promotion - "mutual PR". What is “mutual PR” and how to use it to intensively replenish your email database with targeted subscribers, you will learn in the publication “How to quickly and efficiently get new targeted subscribers to your email database” .

    We decided to be honest with current and future users of our mutual PR service and highlight the main pros and cons of mutual PR. To use or not to use this tool is up to you.

    The benefits of mutual PR:
    • Intensive growth of new target subscribers;
    • It either does not require any cash costs, or they are minimal;
    • No special skills are required from participants.

    The disadvantages include:
    • Not all subscribers will be happy to receive a promotional letter about the mutual PR event. But if you correctly present this event to your subscribers, then the minus can turn into a plus;
    • Possible small unsubscribe from old subscribers. But in this case, the number of new signatories will more than cover the unsubscribing.

    We give small recommendations on how to bypass the aforementioned disadvantages. The first thing you need to put up with is that you can’t avoid unsubscribing from your newsletter. Do not take part in mutual PRs too often and you will not even notice the loss. Try to write letters yourself and refrain from templates, although they are in our service. Favorably present the upcoming mutual PR event for your subscribers. Do everything competently, but it’s not so difficult, and your base will be replenished with new target subscribers.

    The main rule - do not “burn” your base.

    Mutual PR really has disadvantages and for some they seem too serious to take part in such events. If you are not afraid of this promotion tool, we can say that mutual PR cannot be replaced as a means of free promotion. If you have not tried to promote your site, yourself or a product in this way, then it's time to start doing it.

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