Y Combinator Launches World-Wide Research Lab

    Silicon Valley business incubator Y Combinator creates a non-profit organization to provide technological breakthroughs in innovative business. First of all, we are talking about private technology companies that are developing with the money of venture investors. The organization is called YC Research . Recently, many successful projects have appeared. For example, such powerful startups as Dropbox , AirBnb and Reddit left Y Combinator . More than 1,000 startups completed a three-month business incubator program. Over 40 have valuations in excess of $ 100 million.

    Over time, Y Combinator began to support not only Internet projects, but also startups from the field of hardware, biotechnology, and even nuclear energy.

    But rare startups become truly innovative and make technological breakthroughs. YC Research specialists will work in such areas as artificial intelligence, information protection and will solve other issues that remain open so far.

    Y Combinator President Sam Altman has invested $ 10 million in YC Research from his own funds. “I'm afraid it will sound like a cliche, but it’s being done for the good of the whole world,” he wroteon his blog Altman. As we can see, over the course of world history, technological breakthroughs have ultimately benefited all of us, he adds. All invented technologies and intellectual property will be made public and will be distributed free of charge. The first group of researchers has already been formed. It includes 10 specialists, reports The Verge.

    YC Research's research lab is reminiscent of Bell Labs, which developed transistors, a laser, solar technology, and more . It also has a lot in common with the Google X division , which is now part of the Alphabet holding .

    According to Altman, research will be focused on the long term. Some of them may last about 25 years.

    In the meantime, the creators of YC Research continue to seek investment.

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