The Ministry of Communications offers to extend benefits to IT companies. Ministry of Finance vs

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    Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, represented by its leader Nikolai Nikiforov, turned to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a proposal to extend the benefits to IT companies. The proposed extension of benefits is five years. According to the agency, if the tax burden on domestic IT companies increases in 2018, then they will not be able to compete with foreign corporations, including the possibility of inviting high-quality specialists to work, Vedomosti reports . And this, in turn, will affect the Russian economy.

    Now for Russian companies there is a preferential rate of insurance premiums of 14%, the validity period is limited to the end of 2017. The standard premium for other companies is 30%. It was previously planned that from 2018 the rate will increase to 21%, in 2019 - up to 28%, and in 2020 - up to 30%. Now the Ministry of Communications has made a proposal to extend the validity of the 14% tariff until the end of 2023.

    The proposal of Nikolai Nikiforov has already supported the Ministry of Economic Development. But immediately three other departments oppose this initiative. We are talking about the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor. The main reason is the existing federal budget deficit, plus the budget deficit of social insurance and compulsory medical insurance.

    According to Yevgeny Vasilenko, executive director of the software development association ARPP Otechestvenny Soft, a feature of IT companies is that about 80% of the costs of such companies are paid for. And the tax, usually calculated based on the size of the payment fund, becomes negotiable for such companies. And an increase in insurance premiums significantly reduces the ability of companies.

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