Callday: Predictor in Context

    A new tool for working with contextual advertising, “Automatic Forecaster,” introduced Calltouch call tracking service at the Callday call analytics conference . The event, held over the weekend at the Group site, was attended by about 2,000 people, including connecting to the online broadcast.

    “Predictor” segments keywords into effective, moderately effective and inefficient based on statistics on the context and data of the Calltouch service for a specific client:
    • - the number of ad impressions in the special placement and guarantees for each keyword;
    • - the clickability of these ads;
    • - the cost of attracting a call or online application (CPA);
    • - conversion conversions.

    For example, if you need to increase the number of hits, the tool sets the optimal bid for high-performing phrases, which allows you to get the maximum hits within the target cost. For ineffective keywords, bids are readjusted in such a way as to achieve maximum conversion within the allowable CPA. Further, the tool generates a performance forecast: calculates the necessary budget for the growth in the number of calls. If the forecast suits you, the tool automatically adjusts the bids for each keyword to achieve a result.

    - Using the “Predictor” eliminates the need for customers to independently calculate the effectiveness of the context and make recommendations to Yandex.Direct, everything happens automatically based on statistics compiled by Calltouch for the company. We tested the tool on 28 advertising campaigns of various subjects and got an excellent result: on average, the cost of circulation decreased by 35%. However, given its technical complexity, only experts who have passed Calltouch certification can use the Predictor, ”said Alexey Avdeev, Sales Director of Calltouch.

    The main speakers of the conference were representatives of leading Russian search engines Yandex, Google and, who shared their own experience in call analytics. They all agreed that the share of call conversion in Russia is high, so it’s important for marketers to track users, including offline. In particular, Mikhail Firulik, head of the Group data analysis department, showed how, using data on the calling audience and the Multiclass Look-Alike tool, you can find new, potential customers with similar interests. This information allows you to target ads to the audience you are interested in.

    The results of call tracking on various topics were demonstrated by representatives of Internet marketing agencies and their clients. For example, Anastasia Bulanova, Key Account Manager ArrowMedia (Kokoc Group) and Lyalya Shovkrinskaya, Panavto Marketing Director, talked about how, using call analytics, the company managed to gain the status of “Dealer of the Year”. Oleg Rudakov, head of the AdLabs web analytics department, and Inga Skvortsova, development director at CLIFF, presented a case for optimizing advertising companies, correctly setting up a CRM system and improving business processes. Grigory Petrov, technical evangelist of Voximplant, using the Yulmart online store as an example, showed how to use the call analytics and order confirmation automation to increase the average check by 24% and reduce the cost of order confirmation by 3 times.

    General partners: Group, AdLabs, Adventum, iConText.

    Presentations of speakers can be downloaded here .

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