What to do in the crisis IT companies? Do not pay for house cleaning staff

    Evernote has now faced a number of challenges, including economic ones. In order to reduce its costs, Evernote management decided to abandon some of the costs. For example, Evernote previously paid for its employees cleaning services for their own homes, but now decided to stop doing this, writes Businessinsider. The employees' houses were cleaned once every two weeks, but now Evernote employees will again have to take up the rag and mop themselves.

    In addition, any of the company's employees could be transferred to a foreign office, and all expenses were paid to him. The corresponding bonus remained, but now the company management is trying to monitor what kind of work does such an employee perform when he works in a foreign office.

    Another refusal of bonuses was the elimination of the expense item for paying for the charging of electric vehicles of their employees. Previously, employees who have their own electric cars could count on full compensation for their costs. The nutrition of Evernote employees, although it remained quite high in calories, had to be abandoned for the diversity of menus in the interest of economy.

    The most significant cost item was the organization of the annual Evernote conference. This year there will be no conference - however, the company management says that in 2015 such a conference was not planned anyway.

    Finally, the company will close its three foreign offices - Moscow, Taiwan and Signapur, plus it will reduce 13% of the staff.

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