A control system for providers at a cost of 100 million rubles will be created by the developer of SORM

    The system of control over blocking sites "The Inspector" will be developed by the company "MFI Soft", which previously created SORM. Initially, the maximum price of the contract was more than 100 million rubles, Roskomsvoboda writes . But MFI Soft offered to complete the work for 84.18 million rubles.

    In total, 3 companies took part in the competition. These are Wellink LLC, which offered its development services for 83.73 million rubles, Ai-Teco CJSC, which estimated work at 138.5 million rubles and MFI Soft LLC, with a price of 84.18 million rubles. The winner was selected by the competitive commission on the totality of the proposals and prices for these works.

    According to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, the “Inspector” will be able to provide real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of blocking prohibited sites.

    “The essence of the probe or program is that it, as a regular user, but faster than a simple user, sends a large number of requests across the entire list of prohibited resources and is able to inform the inspector of Roskomnadzor if the site is blocked,” Zharov said.

    LLC "MFI Soft", according to the information provided by the winner of the competition, it is a Russian innovative company, a developer of information security systems (DLP systems, DDoS protection), Internet traffic filtering systems and legal control systems (SORM), antifraud systems. MFI Soft's developments in the field of information security and SORM have been used since 2005. During the work, more than 1,500 solution implementations were implemented in all federal districts of Russia. Among the clients are such companies as MTS, Beapine, Megafon, Rostelecom, MGTS, Lukoil and several others

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