“To shoot” Alexander Pokrovsky - philosophical parables for IT specialists

    The software development symphony from afar looks majestic. Analysts record exact, complete and consistent requirements, inspired designers create a beautiful and convenient design, developers write perfect code, testers heroically fight for quality. But the closer to all this beauty, the more noticeable are absurd moments that occur in any office, which can damage the psyche of a single IT specialist. In the struggle for mental health (as well as against professional burnout, demotivation, and surprise), there are many ways. And one of them is to set yourself up in a philosophical way, so as not to take what is happening too close to the heart and relate to it without too much nervousness. The book of tales from the life of submariners “Shoot” by Alexander Pokrovsky helps a lot with this.

    About therapeutic effect

    The console of general ship systems "Molybdenum". Photo by Legal Alien

    Like any sophisticated technique, a nuclear submarine should drown right at the pier. Seriously. I pressed at the wrong time or the wrong button on this terrible remote, and hello. And the fact that submarines sink, float up, go to autonomous regions and even carry out training firing is a merit of the people who set this “iron” in motion. And besides their direct participation in the life of the submarine, these people are engaged in a lot of interesting things - they walk in formation, dig ditches, wipe them with a damp rag and eliminate comments. You will read the story aphoristically expressed by the phrase “until we sing wellwe won’t leave the frost, ”and immediately feel better at heart. Just think that this feast of colors is happening with technically educated and intelligent people (do not forget about the terrible remote control), and it becomes really good.

    In general, if you want, you can draw a lot of parallels. Are you not inspired by eychars? Read about the political leaders. In glorious Soviet times, the political leaders might not know the structure of the submarine, but they demanded from the whole crew the synopsis of the primary sources of Marxism-Leninism. And they always organized interesting entertaining events like matinees, lyrical charades or listening to the voices of the classics. The bosses are not brilliant enough? We read about the naval authorities (if not enough, you can add regular inspectors) and it becomes good. You will think about the fact that, unlike a submariner, IT people do not need to be transferred for months and years to change their place of work, and in general it becomes good. It's just wonderful! Doesn’t ecstasy be the new design, which, like two drops of water, looks like before last? And they could send a ditch to dig. Or, for example, the wonderful invention of “dolboledism”, when the whole friendly team goes to break ice to concrete. Shovels should not stand idle! Cool feelings of friendship for colleagues? Zhivenko imagined that you and these colleagues spend 50-90 days in one compartment and relax in the same cockpit, and life is beautiful again. And considering that at home rat fleas from ventilation do not pour in on us (well, as a rule), then it is doubly beautiful!

    About wisdom

    In addition to the therapeutic effect of realizing how well we live, the book is truly a storehouse of wisdom. Many quotes are worthy of molding in granite and placement on the walls of offices:

    The linden should be linden, not oak.

    Understand, business can stand, but the magazine should go ...

    What is naval laughter? This is when you missed.

    So mean it! Pull up! Restore by pouring! Abnormal paths destroy! Pit chatter! Why get gravel! Dress the lake in granite shores. I appoint you senior over this disgrace. We will not flog a fever. We’ll do it by morning.
    Three hours later, when you already closed:
    - So! All! Firewood in the original! Managed to fight back: now this is not our object.

    Oh my god, how much has not been done ... how much has not been done ... but how much remains to be done ...

    And they are now deducted from the crew on two counts: cadaveric spots and perforation of the uterus.

    And the most important:
    Service in the Navy cannot be taken seriously, otherwise you are asleep.

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