ProductCamp Minsk 2015

    On October 17-18, ProductCamp Minsk will be held near Minsk for experts in the field of product management. The event will cover various thematic areas of product management: from marketing research and development to market launch and operations.

    What awaits you?
    - Reports, blitz speeches, round tables. Two days of intensive professional communication with colleagues in the fresh air in the country club “Festivalny”
    - “Own for their own” format are waiting for you . All camp participants are product management and marketing professionals. Being among colleagues, you can share knowledge and experience gained, as well as learn about new solutions that other experts apply.
    - Are you participating? Be active!Participation in ProductCamp Minsk is free, but everyone present must contribute to the program of the event: actively share information, talk about practices and implemented projects. In the application for participation it is necessary to indicate the topic on which you are ready to provide a small but informative report. Participants who offer the most relevant and relevant topics will have the opportunity to prepare a blitz presentation or hold a round table as part of ProductCamp.
    - Experts from all over the CIS. ProductCamp traditionally brings together the best Product managers from all over Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. Want to make sure? Check out the ProductCamp .
    The exact program will be published later.

    When and where?
    Dates: October 17-18
    Place: Country Club "Festival" . A free shuttle will be arranged to the venue.
    Cost of participation: free. Be sure to actively participate (report / volunteering).

    I want to participate!
    To apply for participation in ProductCamp Minsk 2015 fill out the application form . Please treat the information provided responsibly, since it is on the basis of it that a decision will be made on inviting you to a meeting.

    Accommodation and meals
    Planning to participate for two days? Then you can stay overnight at the hotel complex at the club. For booking you are available 24 rooms with 3 beds. Room rate - $ 55 (payment in Belarusian rubles). Alcohol and additional meals are also paid by the participant himself.

    What is ProductCamp?
    ProductCamp is an event in BarCamp format for product management and marketing managers and is part of the series of global non-conferences .
    At the moment, this is practically the only specialized event in Eastern Europe where you can meet such a large number of professionals in the field of product management and marketing.
    As participants, we invite industry professionals working in positions and roles: Product Director (Product Director), Product Manager (Product Manager), Product Marketing Manager (Product Marketing Manager), Marketing Manager (Marketing Manager), Brand Manager (Brand Manager).

    Why are we doing it?
    We want experienced professionals and beginners in the field of product management to get to know each other, establish contacts, exchange experience, and improve their and market qualifications as a result.
    What will the performances be about?
    Topics of speeches, round tables, seminars and trainings will be devoted to:
    • market research, competitive analysis,
    • work with innovations,
    • creating a product concept, defining a product strategy,
    • positioning, pricing,
    • developing and managing requirements
    • portfolio management
    • growing product expertise in a company,
    • sales support
    • product lifecycle management.

    Still have questions? Ask them in the comments or contact Mikhail Karpov and Tatyana Gypsy !

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