Want to make money on mobile games? Enter the Indian market

    In 2014, mobile app users spent twenty-one billion dollars on them. In mobile games, users spent an average of fourteen dollars. The head of Zynga, Atul Bagga, said in which country the smartphone games market is growing fastest.

    In 2008, Apple launched the App Store, which forever changed the market. At this time, Facebook removed games from the social network, and online game developers earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Investing in a new and untested platform did not seem like the best choice for a stable and rapidly growing company. One of the first successful players in the mobile market was King, which launched Candy Crush Saga in 2012. Supercell's Clash of Clans came out earlier that year.

    In 2014, revenue from smartphone app stores was twenty-one billion dollars, and Flurry predicts it will grow to thirty-three billion in 2015.

    Findy Zynga on the VentureBeat told the statistics of games for smartphones around the world. In South Korea, there are forty-two dollars of payments per device per year, and in Russia, nine dollars. The average result in the world is fourteen dollars.

    The fastest growing market, according to the data of Zynga CEO, is India. This image shows a comparison of the Indian mobile games market in 2014 and the Chinese personal computer games market in China in 2004. The population of India in 2014 amounted to 1.2 billion people, while one hundred forty million people used smartphones, and over the next five years this figure may increase to six hundred and fifty million.

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