3 billion rubles for Internet development in villages did not reach Rostelecom

    Nikolai Nikiforov sent a letter to Vladimir Putin, in which he pointed to the underfunding of Rostelecom. The company was supposed to receive 14.5 billion rubles for Internet access in sparsely populated areas of Russia, but received only 11.5 billion.

    The money for the construction of fiber-optic communication lines comes from the universal service reserve - telecommunication operators pay 1.2% of the revenue on a quarterly basis. Then the money goes to the federal budget, after which it is transferred to the network program executor, that is, Rostelecom. The project to eliminate digital inequalities provides for the launch of data services in settlements with a population of 250 to 500 people.

    Nikolai Nikiforov, according to Vedomosti, in the summer sent a letter to the President of Russia with a request to deal with underfunding in the amount of three billion rubles. The funds were allocated to eliminate the digital divide, but after they got into the federal budget, they did not reach the company. A person close to the presidential administration told Vedomosti, confirmed the information.

    The Ministry of Finance received 14.5 billion rubles from the universal service reserve, but allocated 11.5 billion rubles to the target program. The Ministry of Finance redistributed part of the funds to other needs.

    The operator has to attract borrowed funds to compensate for the shortage of resources, said Kira Kiryukhina , representative of Rostelecom . She did not comment on the information about the letter of Nikolai Nikiforov to the president.

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